5 Trending Skincare Ingredients in 2021

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What will be the top five trending skincare ingredients in 2021? Well, here are my top five guesses.

With a significantly increased amount of time spent at home, the blowing up of TikTok and a whole new generation of interest in skincare, this year has changed the landscape of skincare, probably forever, as it has with many thing.

The Pandemic has affected us so much so that globally, we have become more invested in self-care than ever before. Even Pinterest predicts Ritual Baths as a trend for 2021 i.e, spa days at home.

So how has this year of, finding solace in simplicity, affected the future of skincare?


It’s a K-Beauty certified ingredient and although it’s been slowly making it’s way West, my assumption is that it will land in 2021.

Why? Dr Jart+ is relaunching in the UK in the new year and with it it’s bestselling Cicapair Tiger Grass range.

Cica isn’t just a buzzy K-Beauty work though. It’s actually known to be an effective anti-inflammatory.

It’s also known as Centella Asiatica and is grown in the wetlands of Asia. It is used to calm the skin, reducing irritation and fighting aging.

Succinic Acid

There is always going to be an acid in these lists.

While, none of the OG’s are fading away a new acid has to make its entrance. In 2021, it will be succinic acid’s time to shine.

The tide is shifting from very potent acids, that provide a quick effect to gentler ones that you can use consistently. That’s why I think this gentle exfoliator will be more widely used next year.

Right now you can find it in Elemis Pro-Collagen Energising Marine Cleanser.

Trending skincare ingredients. Elemis Pro-Collagen Energising Marine Cleanser.


Most of our efforts in keeping our skin looking young have been focused on retinol. While that may seem sensible, it gets old.

Now experts are more interested in something called the calcium gradient. Which is something that plays an important role in creating a strong skin barrier.

We’ve known about the calcium gradient for a long time but only now are we concerned with how much impact it has on skin ageing.

There are many contributors to the fluctuation of the calcium gradient, aging is only one. This is something that the skincare industry will want to target.

The Vichy Neovadiol Rose Platinum Cream is one of the products that currently contain calcium.

Vichy Neovadiol Rose Platinum Cream


This may be a bit of a shocker because CBD feels like it’s been around forever. However, the emphasis on staying at home + self-care will cement CBD as a mainstream ingredient.

It’s just one of many naturally occurring compounds found within hemp, collectively called cannabinoids. 

Cannabinoids help protect hemp plants during growth. Cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate pain, mood, appetite, and immunity.

For a guide on how to choose quality CBD, click here.


There is always a huge emphasis on anti-aging in the skincare industry. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the technology we already have and collagen is no different.

The past few years have been focused on improving our skin’s ability to make its own collagen. However, topical collagen is on the rise.

Topical collagen has already started to make its way into people’s routines but will it overtake our love of trying to make our skin cells make their own?

Boots is planning on launching Collagen Youth Activating Day and Night Creams in January. You can already find topical collagen in Dr Dennis Gross’s Hyaluronic Marine Collagen Lip Cushion.

What do you think will be big in 2021?


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All photos courtesy of the brands

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