Pinterest Predicts Beauty Trends For 2021

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Pinterest predicts beauty trends for 2021 as their annual report has just been released and in today’s article, we will have a look at what exactly Pinterest thinks will be be big in 2021 and how your business can utilize these search terms to grow.

Why is Pinterest predicting beauty trends for 2021 important?

Now, it may be surprising that Pinterest’s annual trending list is important but it actually makes a lot of sense.

Pinterest is about planning.

They have the first hand knowledge about how people are planning on living their lives.

442 million people around the world use Pinterest to find tomorrow’s ideas.”

8 out of 10 of their predictions for 2020 came true and it was one of the most tumultuous years of this century so far.

So, if you’re in the beauty industry this article is a must-read.

Without further ado, here are Pinterest’s 2021 predictions for the beauty and wellness industry.


” Defiant brows are the new defined brows”

Trending search terms:

  • Goth eyebrows: 120% increase and trending in Spain, Italy, Australia
  • Above eyebrow tattoo: 60% increase and trending in US, UK, Canada
  • Ombre powder brows: 50% increase and trending in Australia, Germany, US
  • Bleached eyebrows: 160% increase and trending in US, Australia, Canada
  • Colorful eyebrows: 35% increase and trending in Brazil, Germany, Canada

This prediction gives us an insight into the developing creativity of content creators.

It’s useful for brands that want to create step-by-step tutorials promoting brow gel, pencils, and powders to create statement brows.

For those focused on skincare it’s a great opportunity to promote the efficacy of their makeup remover’s and cleaners.

Indie Beauty

“Cheeky is the new chic.”

Trending search terms:

  • Indie nails: 21x increase and trending in France, Germany, Sweden
  • Smiley face nails: 9x increase and trending in France, Brazil, Italy
  • Indie makeup: 4x increase trending in France, Canada, Spain
  • Inner eye pop of color: 45% increase trending in UK, Canada, Australia
  • Butterfly eye makeup: 6x increase and trending in Brazil, Spain, UK

Next year ‘indie’ is developing a different meaning.

It’s not all about niche brands but rather brands with a bright and bold character, that can offer young audiences the creativity the are used to seeing.

Make-up and consumer packaged goods brands can promote bold shadows and candy-coloured lipsticks that pop on all skin tones.

Nail care brands can share varnish ideas for emoji-inspired nail art.

Brands in all categories can lean into the doodle-inspired aesthetic by using cheeky decals to enhance their creative assets and appeal to younger audiences.


“Skinimalism is the new glow-up.”

Trending search terms:

  • Glowing skin how to get naturally: 4x increase and trending in Canada, Australia, UK
  • Face yoga exercises: 4x increase and trending in Brazil, France, Italy
  • Homemade skincare: 110% increase and trending in Japan, France, UK
  • Aloe vera face mask: 115% increase and trending in France, UK, Indonesia
  • Natural everyday makeup: 180% increase and trending in France, UK, Germany

Say goodbye to the 12-step beauty routine.

Skincare brands can help Pinners to streamline their regimens and discover clean products with natural ingredients.

Make-up brands can share tips on how to create a dewy, natural look that will come across beautifully on camera and on video calls.

And phone manufacturers can promote the minimalist make-up trend to help Pinners capture the perfect selfie.  

Modern Mystic

‘Manifesting is the new nesting.”

Trending search terms:

  • Protection crystals: 100% increase and trending in Germany, Canada, US
  • Manifestation techniques: 105% increase and trending in UK, Canada, US
  • Fantasy map making: 3x increase and trending in Brazil, Australia, Germany
  • Visualize your highest self: 55% increase and trending in UK, Brazil, Germany
  • Zodiac sign facts: 6x increase and trending in Spain, Germany, Sweden
set of colorful semiprecious stones placed chaotically on gray tabletop in jewelry store
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pinterest Predicts Beauty Trends For 2021. One of which is ‘modern mystic’ – the increased interest in spirituality and manifestation.

As Pinners get in touch with their magical side, alternative spirituality will enter the mainstream.

Grab a protection crystal, check your horoscope and build a fantasy map for 2021 – the modern mystics have arrived. 

Help Pinners to manifest the best version of themselves with personalised recommendations. 

Fashion and beauty brands can inspire Pinners to try looks based on their zodiac sign.

For any brand, consider embracing colours associated with different spiritual properties (think 90s power bracelets). 

Ritual baths

“Bathing rituals are the new spa days.”

Trending search terms:

  • Spiritual cleansing bath: 180% increase and trending in UK, Canada, Australia
  • Full moon bath ritual: 90% increase and trending in UK, Australia, Canada
  • Bath tea recipe: 60% increase and trending in UK, Canada, Australia
  • Bath in bedroom free standing: 50% increase and trending in US, Australia, UK
  • Deep soaking tub: 145% Canada, UK, Australia

Help Pinners to supercharge their soak and turn their bathrooms into at-home spas.

Home and beauty retailers can promote essential oils, Epsom salts and gua sha tools to help people transform their bath time into a ritual.

Drinks brands can share ideas for the perfect red wine or bubbly to help Pinners wind down.

Tech brands can promote tablets to stream movies from the bath, while music streaming services can share spa-inspired playlists.  

Poppin Protective styles

“Low maintenance is the new high heat.”

Trending search terms:

  • Braids with fade: 9x increase and trending in Canada, UK, US
  • Knotless box braids: 150% increase and trending in France, Australia, UK
  • Yarn braids styles: 145% increase and trending in France, Australia, Germany
  • Bubble braids: 135% increase and trending in Canada, US, Germany
  • Viking braids men: 90% increase and trending in France, Italy, Brazil

Show Pinners how your brand can help to maintain or enhance their protective hairstyles. Haircare brands can create a step-by-step tutorial on how to care for braids.

Beauty retailers can promote hair accessories. And fashion brands can promote head-to-toe outfit ideas that complement braided styles.  

See the full report ‘Pinterest Predicts Beauty Trends For 2021’ here.

Photos and data courtesy of Pinterest

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