What Is Cannabidiol?

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What is cannabidiol? We’re gonna keep this one short and sweet because it can get confusing very quickly.

Cannabidiol is apart of the cannabis plant but not the part that gets you high. It’s 1 of 113 identified cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

Why is CBD used in skincare?

Cannabidiol is marketed at targeting inflammation because it’s known as being calming.

It’s claimed to be a cure for skin aging, acne, eczemapsoriasis, and pruritus.

However, current data is limited regarding its safety and efficacy

Is CBD Legal? 

Yes they are.

As long as the product contains less than 0.3 percent of the psychoactive ingredient THC.

This is the case for the US and Europe. However, in the US it is still illegal under some state laws

CBD skincare and Instagram

We all know the power that Instagram has to spread information. The rise of CBD has been prominently endorsed on social media.

This study looked at the affect that social media, specifically Instagram, had on the perceived benefits of CBD.

The results tell us that Instagram portrays CBD as an effective skincare option, even though there is evidence of unsupported claims being shared.

This data is an interesting insight into the danger of misinformation. Although, it may be on a smaller, less severe scale the benefits of CBD promoted by ‘influencers’ are often unsubstantiated.


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