Retin A Strengths

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Retin A strengths. This isn’t really a question because Retin A is just retinoid acid. Another name for this is Tretinoin. Tretinoin is a medication given to those suffering from severe acne.

They are both retinoid acid, the strongest retinoid available. That’s why you need a prescription to get your hands on them.

To make this easier to understand see the graph below. This graph will explain the strengths of the differing retinoids currently available in the skincare market.

This graph shows Retin A strength in comparison to other retinoids available. Retin A is refereed to as retinoid acid, the strongest retinoid currently available.

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So, when you want to understand Retin A strengths, you have to first understand that Retin A is essentially another name for Tretinoin, which is retinoic acid.

Retinoic acid is the strongest retinoid you can use. Expect some serve side effects if you use this or are prescribed this.

Read more on retinol here.

Retin A uses

Given that Retin A is so strong, you may be wondering why anyone would use it at all? Well, generally Retin A is given to those who have severe acne.

It’s a last resort option.

The way retinol works means it will help the skin re-texurize quickly and will leave you with healthier looking skin.

See this post to get an idea of why retinoids get rid of acne:

Side effects and warnings

Although Retin A can help you skin considerably, it doesn’t come without potential problems. This includes increased irritation of the skin and increased sun sensitivity. This means your skin can burn more easily in the sun.

It is essential to use sunscreen when using a retinoid, especially Retin A. Also, if you are pregnant do not use this product or any other retinoid.

If you’re looking at this post to decide whether this is something you want to use, I highly suggest you look here to see other, less intense retinoid options first!

Retin A strengths conclusion

Retin A is a form of tretinoin, which is retinoic acid. This is the strongest retinoid available and will more than likely cause your skin to be irritated.

Unless specifically prescribed this cream don’t use it. Find more manageable retinoid products by clicking here.

If you are prescribed this cream please speak to your doctor about any questions you have.

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