Can You get 5/5 On This General Knowledge Skincare Quiz?

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Can you get 5/5 on this skincare quiz? So, you follow 100+ skinfluencers on Instagram? You’ve been following Science and Skincare for some time?

Well, you should get 5/5 on this quiz, which I just created out of thin air. You have to know your stuff for great skin but equally, this is the basics. It really is the foundation of skincare knowledge.

I will be personally offended if you get less than 4 because that means your subscription to Science and Skincare isn’t helping. The content on here is good, so you need to do more work.

Alternatively, you aren’t subscribed to us and getting less than 4 means you need to be:

Now, without further shaming I give you:

The General Knowledge Skincare Quiz



How did you do? Was it hard enough or too easy? 

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