In Conversation With Rosi Chapman, Founder Of Transformulas

It was an uncharacteristically hot day in Manchester when I met Transformulas founder Rosi Chapman.

We met at an Influencer event her brand was hosting. The food was delicious and I sat next to Rosi throughout the evening. I noticed many cross overs in how we think about skincare.

Her brand has been around for a long time. Before scientific beauty was a ‘thing’, Rosi had been advocating for consumers to expect more from their beauty regimes.

This explains the Transformulas tag line ‘beauty without surgery’ because she’s trying to give you the same effectiveness of surgery, without actually having to go through with any.

With that being said, an appearance on Science and Skincare only made sense. Efficacious beauty, isn’t that what beauty science is all about?

Today, we find out how Rosi began her journey and how where she plans on taking it.

Rosi Chapman

Were you always interested in beauty?


From a young age I was forever dabbling in my Mother’s makeup bag. She was always an advocate in preaching that you are never too young to start moisturising, so I think the passion for skincare is in my genes and I have a natural pull to sensing magical ingredients and formulas.

When did you decide to create Transformulas?

It all goes back to wanting options and choices. The quest for the best for my own personal need is why I love pushing boundaries, it is instilled in me!

Being in the world of beauty from the early 90’s and having a tremendous phobia of needles, I
was frustrated that the emphasis was on newly affordable invasive methods. At that time there was hardly any choice for anti-ageing products that boasted “healthy and natural” benefits, which were kind to your skin and provided results comparable to invasive methods.

Being a very results-driven individual that likes options and choices, lead me into researching and developing opportunities. This is how Transformulas came about! ‘Beauty without Surgery’ was the focus, and building people’s confidence in their skin, providing them with better, affordable luxury skincare with plenty of options and choice.

The results speak for themselves. They create confidence, trust and loyalty, all of which are values that are important to me.

Transformulas launched predominately through Professional Beauty Salons in 2003, and since then it was high-flying – literally, as we then began selling our products in the sky on airlines!

How did you formulate your first product?

I worked closely with numerous skincare houses which I had built relationships with in my previous life as a beauty and cosmetic buyer.

You find in this industry it’s a very small world and you meet people that lead you to meet others and so on, so I was fortunate enough to link with some amazing doctorates in science and dermatology.  I’m inspired by like-minded people and I become fixated on achieving the impossible and making it possible!

Is it difficult to create skincare backed by hard scientific data?

Yes and no.

I would say it is second nature to me now, and very much my forté. It is a process with strict guidelines and regulations. 

 All formulations compile of ingredients of various potencies and levels, and like anything, the percentage used in formulations of the active ingredients is key to getting the balance right.  This is where one formula of products can vary.  Both can purport to do the same, but they don’t. The delivery systems of actives are key and keeping them fresh is essential for their strength to remain long term. 

What is your skincare ethos?


Affordable luxury giving options and choices without the need for surgery. Providing, results, increasing confidence and building trust.

What are Cosmeceuticals and how do Transformulas use them?

Cosmeceuticals have both cosmetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects and have a beneficial effect on skin health.

They are applied like cosmetics, topically as creams, serums, lotions but most importantly contain active ingredients that influence skin cell function. I am proud to say that all of our formulas are cosmeceutical and we were one of the first companies to introduce this.

Are there any new beauty trends that you’re particularly excited about?

I am VERY EXCITED to be launching the AGEWELL Techno Collective, which is founded on  Ingenious Science & Technology and the undoubtable benefits of light. 

The AgeWell Superboost LED Phototherapy Mask is a flexible LED Face Mask that contours the face. It is clinically proven to deliver the correct wavelengths and energy to promote universal skin health and mental wellbeing. It’s also FDA certified (k191629) and was developed by the original science and scientists who developed the ‘Paterson lamp’ at Christie Hospital in Manchester, England.

The Paterson lamp being developed for the treatment of cancerous cells and in cooperation with the renowned Omnilux. Omnilux led industry leaders with 25 years’ experience in perfecting LED skin technology has medical heritage, experience, certifications, safety and the know how so we cannot wait for this to be available for people to use.

What have been your biggest challenges/wins as a business owner?

Running a business is 24/7. There is always going to be ups and downs, but the most important thing is to stay focused and positive. 

Remember that there is always something to learn from a challenging situation and it is essential to focus on the good that has come from it.  The biggest wins are when you get messages from customers saying ‘Wow your products are fantastic!’, ‘I can’t live without it!’.

We are fortunate to have a lot of loyal customers that have been with us and seen us grow and develop throughout the years.

Our biggest challenge has to be COVID-19. Transformulas was very much known as an inflight retail brand, these unprecedented times meant I actively had to go out, reposition the brand and reinvent myself. 

I’ve reinvented myself a few times throughout the pandemic! Firstly, there was the Madonna phase of reinvention, then I became a modern-day Margaret Thatcher where I wouldn’t take no for an answer and now I am in the Spice Girls phase – Girl Power.

As a brand we are sassy, energetic and pack a punch!  We are here to stand out and make our mark!  Watch this space.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start their own beauty brand?

Live your dream – just do it! If you have a credible product then it has never been easier than it is now to reach out and communicate with consumers. I am now embarking on “Brand Creation” where I create own brand labels of products for an individual. 

Then I give them creative freedom, draw from them their vision and make their dream a reality. This takes out all the learning curves and the mistakes and I hand hold them through the process. This means that they can continue to do what they are great at, whilst I do what my passion is – and that is to create and formulate!

The brands iconic Marine Miracle collection

Can you tell us anything about what kind of products Transformulas will release next?

I would love to share our upcoming products with you!

My granddaughter experienced ‘maskne’ with her sensitive skin throughout the pandemic so we developed the FaceFixer Range, which will launch later this year. 

It will include; SkinRepair, Maskne Rapid Repair Wonder Cream (a skin cosseting and Maskne-fighting recuperative cream which helps combat flare ups and keeps skin healthy and happy). The Wonder cream is proven to decrease redness & irritation -19%*, boost hydration by +42%* and increase skin smoothness in 7 hours by +20%*.  

There will also be WrinkleBlock Superdose Skin Smoother (a potent, rapid line preventer, wrinkle reducing daily moisturiser), which has demonstrated “Botox like effects”.

It contains a Super Dose of age-killing-effect 6% SYN®-AKE which is a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the activity of Waglerin-a. Waglerin-a is a polypeptide found in the venom of the temple viper snake. 

It’s incredibly unique, powerful, and safe. It works to freeze naturally restricting facial-muscle movement that causes expression lines to smooth and soften. Ultra-hydrating, this product rapidly plumps decreasing skin-furrows, lifting slackening features, firming, and brightening tired skin, giving it an immediate visible difference.

Alongside these new products we will also be relaunching our core iconic LipVolume, Voluptuous LipVolume and EyeLifting Gel in innovative new packaging that is airless. This is to protect the light and air-sensitive ingredients, keeping the product fresh and potent to the last drop and with a precision applicator. 

To compliment our Flawless range that comprises Cosmetic Drone Technology (smart capsule) we will be launching Flawless DNA Smart – Epigenic Science Protection SPF50. This is a Cutting-edge, barrier building intelligent hydrating daily moisturiser that powers beyond an anti-ageing SPF sunscreen. It is one highly intelligent treatment. Healthy skin is hydrated skin and trials have shown that there is virtually a 9% decrease in water loss (TDWL), which is equivalent to 2x1ml standard syringes of hyaluronic acid filler. So Impressive!

So, yes, there is lots happening and more great innovation launching in 2022 including the AGEWELL TECHNO COLLECTIVE as mentioned previously. A lot to be excited about and we cannot wait!

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