Here’s Where To Buy Korean Skincare In The US and UK


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Where to buy Korean Skincare in the UK and US? Well, it’s a lot easier in the year 2021. Only five years ago k-beauty was an emerging phenomena, which has not yet entered the main stream.

It was difficult to get your hands on. Now almost every major retailer has a k-beauty category. Today, I’m going to narrow down the best retailers to shop at both for the US and UK.

This means, the most reliable, the best choice and the ones that I would trust.

Where to buy Korean skincare in the US

Soko Glam

Check them out.

I fear you knew this was coming. Soko Glam is one of the most well known k-beauty retailers. They are pretty much industry leaders. Anything you’ve been looking for, they are likely to have it.

Plus they have complimentary skin sessions, which help you to build a skincare routine.

SOKO Glam’s homepage


Check them out.

Wishtrend is the US retailer that I have the most experience with and they never fail. There shipping is quick and painless and they have had everything I’ve looked for. It’s everything I could want from a retailer.

Peach and Lily

Check them out.

Peach and lily are curators of Korean Beauty products and innovations from cult favourite Korean Beauty brands. Also, they created the Glass Skin Refining Serum.

They aren’t like typical retailers because they are more selective about who they carry. If you’re looking for the best of the best of K-beauty, this is where you need to go.

Both UK and US

Yes Style

Check them out.

Yes style is great for both the US and UK. They ship internationally and have a huge range of products to choose from.

Thousands of items are added daily from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and more!

Yes Style’s Homepage

Where to buy Korean skincare in the UK


Check them out.

It’s much easier to get K-beauty in the UK and this list will prove that. Major retailers here have been much more inclusive and have adapted to include K-beauty on their sites.

Selfridges is a prime example of that. They have Dr Jart, Laneige (which you can also get super cheap at TK Maxx, Erborian and even Shangpree.

P2bus – London, Chinatown

Check them out.

If you’re in London you need to go here. P2bus is an independent retailer and a magical experience. Their store is ram packed full of every asian beauty product imaginable. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re on the continent.

Kosame Beauty

Check them out.

Kosame, founded in 2018, is an independent online store dedicated to Korean Beauty. Their goal is to provide you with original, authentic and fresh K-beauty items that previously were only available in South Korea. 

It’s an extremely curated site. If you want the freshest and best Korean skincare, this is your site.


Check them out.

Skinsider is a London-based, online destination offering Korean beauty products. They source the very well-known brands and the hard-to-find products.

Beauty and Seoul

Check them out.

Beauty and Seoul is one of the UK’s leading K-Beauty curator, as they started when k-beauty wasn’t such a big thing.

They have a pretty selective range of products and you can shop by skin type and concern. This makes the whole k-beauty experience much easier to navigate.

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