The History Of Whoo Skincare, Who Are They?

The History Of Whoo Skincare. It may not be a name you’d expect from a skincare brand and unsurprisingly, their formula’s are just as mystical.

South Korean Luxury. That’s the short version of this brand’s history. And in all honesty, that short phrase encapsulates the essence of this brand well.

The brand was born in 2003 when the South Korean government commissioned LG Household & Health Care to launch a holistic, premium skin care range.

Whatever was created also had to showcase Korea’s extensive cultural heritage.

With this challenge in mind, LG created skincare for the ‘modern Empress’. The formulas are literally beauty secret’s of the royal court.

The History of Whoo Skincare describe it as a ‘beauty formula descended from the heavens’. A stretch by even my imagination, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. There’s even some science to it.

It’s essentially a combination of oriental medicines and modern science.

For example, one of their ingredients is Gongjinbidan. This is apparently a secret recipe that contains deer antler and wild ginseng.

While many would question the deer antler (a special ingredient only offered to royals), ginseng has some solid skin benefits.

It’s a multifunctional ingredient which can sooth inflammation and balance oil production. Deer antler probably has some anti-aging benefits, although I doubt there are many studies to support this.

Unlike, many beauty brands in 2021, this one doesn’t have a huge emphasis on vegan or environmentally friendly products.

However, given their goal of showcasing Korea’s culture, those attributes probably weren’t top priority.

The brands Illuminating Refining Essence

Which is better sulwhasoo or history of Whoo?

Whether the brand has good products is still up for debate. It’s a subjective issue, depending on your skin and skin concerns.

They’re products target everything that every other brand does. Anti-aging, hydration and sun protection are all key skin problems they want to treat.

Korean skincare has always been an industry standard.

Given this brand is trying to represent Korea, you can assume it’s one of the best the country has to offer.

The brand has its own SPF products too!
Photo’s courtesy of the brand