What Is Butylene Glycol In Skincare?

Butylene Glycol plays a very important role in skincare. It improves the texture and penetrability of your skincare.

Butylene Glycol summary

This ingredient is commonly used in skincare because it has a few important uses. These include enhancing the stability of a formula, the penetrability and the texture.

It may also increase skin hydration by increasing the skin’s water content.

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Butylene glycol isn’t the type of ingredient that you need to look out for. If it’s in the formula, it will do you no harm and it works well with most other ingredients.

In terms of being an ‘active’, you don’t need to obsess over this one.

Yes, it can help improve the texture, stability and penetrability of your skincare. Also, it can improve skin hydration.

So, do many other ingredients. That’s the point of most of them.

However, if you find yourself irritated by a skincare product and it doesn’t contain many irritating ingredients, it may be this. In this case, it would be worth checking the ingredient’s list to avoid it.

Butylene Glycol vs. Propylene Glycol

They’re both derived from petroleum products and have similar uses in skincare. Propylene glycol however, tends to be more irritating. Again, this depends on your reaction to them.

Unfortunately, they have another more dangerous sister.

Ethylene glycol. This ingredient is harmful and should not be used in skincare.

Don’t let this put you off. BG is safe for use in cosmetic products, the most safe out of the three. Remember, if it irritates you, stop using it. No ingredient/product is worth compromising your skin barrier for.

However, don’t be scared of it either. It wouldn’t be in your skincare if it was dangerous.

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