In Conversation With Tiffany Salmon, Founder of Glow Hub, Scientia, Soak Sunday and Tiffy & Tallulah

Tiffany Salmon – get used to hearing this name because you’ll be hearing it a lot very soon.

Why? This year alone she launched four brands, Glow Hub, Scientia, Soak Sunday AND Tiffy & Tallulah. Two of which (GlowHub and Tiffy & Tallulah) are already in retailers (Beauty Bay and Next respectively), with many more ready to go.

She accomplished all of this in a pandemic.

In fact, when Scientia launched I got an uncharacteristic amount of messages on my Instagram, telling me this was the perfect brand for me to try.

That never happens, which goes to show the quick and successful reach of this brand.

Some have described her as the next ‘beauty boss’ and given that she has navigated the complex synergy of formulation, marketing and operations in a global crisis, this is likely to be true.

So, the question is where did she come from and where does she plan to go?

One of Tiffany’s brands, GlowHub

How did growing up in a family that owned a cosmetics business impact your view on the beauty industry?

That it’s not necessarily the most expensive products that give the best results. I think it’s easy to assume that if a product is more expensive that it’s going to be better, but that’s not always the case. From packaging to prestige, there’s a lot that goes into deciding the cost of a product, and sometimes it’s the most affordable ones that end up doing the most for your skin.     

Then, I’d say how much work actually goes into the products on your shelf and how long they take to develop.

From formulation chemists to copywriters, graphic designers to quality control, you wouldn’t believe how many people are involved at every touch point to make your favourite moisturiser or mascara.  

In the last year alone, you’ve launched four brands – can you tell me about each one and how they differ from one another?  

My favourite thing to talk about, our brands!

Let’s start with Glow Hub – skincare for the next generation. I came up with the idea for Glow Hub after doing some research for another one of brands and I realised there just wasn’t anyone out there that offered what Gen z really wanted from their skincare. Which is easy-to-understand mix & match routines.

Glow Hub speak to Gen z by offering customisable skincare solutions with natural actives and gentle science. Tapping into the trend for personalisation, especially with gen z one size never fits all, so Glow Hub offers an affordable entry into personalised targeted skincare, paired with cute packaging and relatable, educational messaging.

Glow Hub’s Purifying Jelly Cleanser

Next up is Scientia

As a skincare lover who worked in the industry, I found my friends and family constantly came to me for skincare advice. In turn, I was always on the hunt for a brand that worked hard and actually did what it said, without being overwhelming. 

This gave rise to the supercharged skincare brand and ultimate glow giver. By blending power natural extracts with cutting edge science and technology Scientia brings you products that deliver maximum skin health, whilst boosting wellbeing. We combine that with playful, luxurious (and sustainable) packaging that acts as an expression of style, proving that serious skincare doesn’t have to equal stuffy or unrelatable. 

Scientia’s Green Supreme serum

For bath and body care lovers Soak Sunday is the most recent addition to our brand portfolio, offering sensorial, sustainable and indulgent bath and body care.

It’s inspired by lazy weekends and the powers of natural bath botanicals, Soak Sunday is all about bringing back bath time. Made in the UK with 100% glass and aluminium components that are delivered in FSC-certified boxes, printed with soy ink. 

And finally, my namesake brand, co-founded with my daughter, Tiffy & Tallulah celebrates those beautiful bonding moments between mummy and mini, offering cute matching beauty products and accessories from matching manicure sets through to sleep masks and pyjamas.

With gentle formulas and the prettiest pink packaging for the cherry on top, this one is my daughter’s favourite, naturally.   

How did you know it was the right time to launch each brand? 

To be honest when I have a creative idea or find a space in the market for a new brand, I just work to launch it as quick as I can!

That’s just the way my family and I like to do things, we’re all about being reactive. Like I said earlier, I was researching for an entirely different brand when I realised that no-one was serving gen z skincare that looked cool, was super effective and easy to understand, so the idea for Glow Hub was born, and we worked hard to launch just 8 months later. 

Did you always picture yourself as an entrepreneur? 

Well, I’m lucky enough to not be doing this alone, and launched the brands as part of my family business.

As a family we do have an entrepreneurial spirt and always have.

Both my parents are from working class backgrounds and worked incredibly hard to get the business to where it is today and they instilled that in their children too, that you’ve got to work your ass of to get what you want and it’s not supposed to come easy.  

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Now that you’ve gained so much experience with starting brands, what is one essential piece of advice you have for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur? 

I’d say, not everything will always go to plan and that success doesn’t happen overnight. You’ve got to take the knock backs, learn from then and then carry on pushing forward to get to where you want to be.

How do you think the pandemic has affected start-ups? 

It’s definitely affected everyone differently depending on the industry. For the beauty industry, I would say in some ways it has evened out the playing field.

Launches are no longer about who can host the craziest event or send the most outrageous creative mailers, it’s all about the product itself being incredible, and then using your creativity to bring those launches to life whatever your budget. 

You must manage quite a few people now, do you have any advice on how to be a good manager? 

Stay approachable and engaged. I like to work within my team as much as possible, keeping myself in the hustle and bustle of each and every brand, listening to their ideas and working creatively together. 

I do also have to try hard not to be a control freak! The brands are like my babies, so it can be hard to relinquish that control sometimes, but I’m so lucky to have a wonderful team who I can trust and rely on. 

When it comes to getting through difficult times in your business, what is your motivation? 

I just try to take it one day at a time and keep myself in a positive mindset. Believing in the brands and the place they deserve to have in the world helps, believing in my own instincts too. So much hard work has already gone into these brands, from myself, my family, and our teams, so I’m not only motivated to do this for myself, but for them too. 

If there is anything you could change about the beauty industry, what would it be?

I’d get rid of the blanket statements that become ‘truth’ and people live and die by.

Clean beauty for example, the natural vs synthetic debate is another. In the skincare world there’s so much terminology that doesn’t really mean anything, and it doesn’t need to be approached in such a black and white way.

Some things can be both bad and good, sometimes it’s simply down to an individual’s personal preference or skin. It’s why I wanted Glow Hub to be an educational and approachable entry for those who are new to beauty, helping them delve into all the best bits of being a skincare lover, without the confusion.  

Buy Glow Hub, Scientia, Soak Sunday and Tiffy & Tallulah

Photo’s courtesy of Tiffany’s brands

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