In Conversation With Lisa Rinna, Founder Of Rinna Beauty And Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills

The founder of Rinna Beauty hardly needs an introduction but I will attempt to give her one anyway.

She once stated in a LA Time article “I’ve never been more famous than I am at this point, because of the show”, that show of course is ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills”.

It’s true, when Rinna joined the cast almost seven years ago she was catapulted into a stratosphere she hadn’t been in before.

However, you can’t deny her past accomplishments. Lisa Rinna has had a long and successful acting career that began in 1985. In fact, just a few of her gigs include popular TV shows, ‘The Days Of Our Lives’ and ‘Melrose Place’.

Whether you know her from TV or ‘TV’ Lisa Rinna is an icon and there is one thing you’ll never forget about her.

Her illustrious lips – they are their own entity.

During her time on RHOBH, she gave us two things. A cult following for her lips and the knowledge that Lisa is one tough cookie. Whether it was standing her ground, even in the most difficult of conversations, or ‘owning it’ when it was uncomfortable to do so, Lisa Rinna has well and truly proven herself to be a trooper.

However entertaining it is, RHOBH is not the topic of this conversation. Lisa Rinna has much more to give than that and now she is planning to beguile the beauty world much like she has the reality one.

A mighty combination of famous lips and a can-do attitude shows she’s very much on her way to do so and today Lisa Rinna is giving Science and Skincare a look into how her beauty line came to be.

Rinna Beauty’s high gloss lip gloss in Dancing Queen

How and when did you get the idea to come up with your own beauty line?

It really started with people asking me what lip color I was wearing and where can they get it.  I thought… why am I not making my own so they can share in my joy of lip colors!  

It really just came out of that. I’ve never been one who just easily puts my name on something. You can’t unless it’s fabulous!  There’s nothing holding me back from creating exactly what I love and what works for me. And then, of course, the sky is the limit. I see Rinna Beauty as a true lifestyle brand.

The ICON COLLECTION lip gloss is vegan, was it difficult to develop a lip product that is vegan?

Actually, no. I had strict criteria starting Rinna Beauty and choosing my partner, SEL Beauty, carefully. I didn’t have to fit into any mold. I didn’t have to use certain fabrications or a certain price range. I can do whatever I thought was best, and that included being vegan, as well as paraben-free and PETA-certified cruelty-free. 

Some of Rinna Beauty’s Icon collection.

What are the most crucial characteristics of a lip product to you and how did you formulate your lip kits to include them?

I’m very specific about what I like. I know exactly the lip gloss and the consistency and the texture. Does it have fragrance, does it not? Does it have a taste, does it not? So, we had to go through a few iterations.

When you really want something and you know what you want, the more specific you are, the better. You learn that in acting class. If you’re playing a character, the more specific you are, the better.

So, because I’m so specific, I know exactly what I want, which actually makes it easier even though it sometimes makes other people frustrated.  It wasn’t the easiest because we were doing all of this right in the middle of COVID. But I just would say, “You know what, guys, we’re close, we’re almost there. I’d like to see two samples and I would want a combination of one and two.” And we finally got there! I held true to that and I’m so thrilled that I did because I can say this is my favorite lip gloss and my favorite lipstick of all time. I can really own that. 

How important is it, to Rinna Beauty, to be a brand that is inclusive?  

I envision this to be the most inclusive beauty line ever. And I’m talking across the board, every single human on the planet can use Rinna Beauty.  It’s extremely important Rinna Beauty reflects my values because it bears my name. It’s me. I want something that looks fabulous, makes me feel fabulous and is easy. Everyone deserves that.

Lastly, what’s the next product you want to develop?

Right now the focus is on the ICON Lip Kit, which sold out! We know what’s next but are not ready to say.

Rinna Beauty is a brand that will encompass everything you want and need to feel your best, no matter what the occasion. The sky is the limit. I see Rinna Beauty as a true lifestyle brand. I started out with a lip kit because I am the lip pioneer. But this is just the beginning and I am so excited about what is to come!

Buy Rinna Beauty here and follow them on Instagram here.

Photos courtesy of Rinna Beauty.

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