In Conversation With Nichola Joss, Lymphatic Drainage Massage Expert

It was an uncharacteristically hot day in London when I went to visit Nichola Joss at the Mandarin Oriental. Nichola and I first met during a consultation through the online service Get Harley (which you can read more about here). 

I was testing the service for a blog post and wasn’t sure what to expect. I had also heard of Nichola many times before. Her reputation as one of the best facialist’s in the country (dare I say the world) was something I was intrigued by. 

Having worked in the beauty industry for a few years, I’ve tried a facial or two. I’ve always firmly put them in the ‘luxury’ category. They aren’t necessary but it’s fun to have one. However, after my consultation with Nichola, everything changed.

After speaking to Ms Joss for some time, I quickly understood that her knowledge was extensive and that she embodies what Science and Skincare is all about. There is no pretence, there are no sales hacks. She carefully and thoughtfully answered my questions and shared her knowledge generously. 

For example, I learned that the lymphatic draining system is stagnant. I had never before considered the impact this lack of movement has on how my face is structured. Even more surprising, as Nichola explained, we can do something about it and we don’t even need a Gua Sha to do so. Just our hands are enough (you’ll learn more about the techniques in the post below). 

As our conversation concluded (way past the allotted time) Nichola very kindly offered to let me try her treatment. 

The Nichola Joss treatment, mini review

The experience was exceptional and unlike any other beauty treatment I’ve tried. And I am not saying this because of the extraordinary surroundings at the Mandarin Oriental (which weren’t lost on me) but because Nichola has thought about how the person feels at every point in the treatment.

The music choice perfectly matches the pace at which she strategically manoeuvres her hands against the contours of your face. The products she uses are specifically created for you. Almost as if in a lab, Nichola formulated a mask for my skin needs on the spot. Individualistic skincare is so rare and finding an expert you can trust, so difficult. For these reasons alone. I believe the facial is worth every penny. Additionally, the knowledge she has at hand and readily shares is information that has helped my skin ten fold.

Continue reading to discover more about lymphatic drainage and Nichola’s techniques. 

Nichola Joss shows us how she conducts her massage for total sculpting, contouring, lymph drainage and removing stress and tension.

For those that don’t know, what exactly is lymphatic drainage? 

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that will encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.

What does a lymphatic drainage massage involve? 

Our bespoke Lymphatic drainage massage involves the application of very light pressure with long, gentle rhythmic strokes to increase the flow rate of the lymph system to help rid the body of toxins and reduce water retention. This in turn helps to improve circulation, diminish the appearance of cellulite and improve the efficiency of the digestive system. 

How is the lymphatic system drained? 

The Lymphatic system is drained by manually manipulating lymph nodes and the lymph system in specific areas of your body to help relieve swelling, reduce sluggishness and stimulate a more energetic lymph flow.

You have spent many years honing your talents, how did you become interested in working with the skin? 

I have always been fascinated by the human body both inside and out. The skin is such a wondrous organ and to be able to stimulate, manipulate and repair through the medium of massage and other various treatments gives me such satisfaction and my clients love the results too.  

What are the synergies between lymphatic drainage and mental well being? Are they linked in any way? 

Humans respond to physical touch so when you massage the body and stimulate pressure points, the lymphatic system, and work on not only deep tissue, fascia and blood circulation. The human mind’s response is balance and calm. This also helps to balance hormone fluctuations as well as working on the energetic system. Our emotions, anxiety, fear etc can get stuck in our physical system, therefore massage helps to release this, including build up of tension and stress which can impact muscle tissue and the lymphatic system.

When carrying out a lymphatic drainage facial, do you take into consideration meridian points? 

Every facial is bespoke and depending on what the client needs. This would certainly incorporate lymph drainage pressure points and meridian energy points.

Can EFT impact the need for a lymphatic drainage facial? 

Not necessarily, we in fact also use this technique in some of our bespoke treatments. 

Your treatments are extremely personalised, how do you determine what each individual needs for their skin and drainage technique? 

There is always an in depth consultation done first and actually throughout the treatment I will be able to tell intuitively what’s needed

Are there any restrictions to lymphatic drainage massages? Are there instances when someone shouldn’t undergo this treatment?

Yes, in the consultation you will be asked a series of medical questions to determine if you are suitable for lymphatic drainage massage. For those people going through cancer therapies or those that have medical conditions such as blood clots, heart conditions this may not be advisable treatment

What tips do you have for those who want to try lymphatic drainage at home? 

I would say it’s best to speak to a professional first. You can often do online consultation and I do many of these for clients that are unable to come into the clinic. These types of online appointments are heavily instructed again after an in depth consultation. I will then do a follow up appointment where I will ask the client to show me what they are doing so we can move forward in their journey

Is there an easy way to tell if your lymph nodes need to be drained? 

If you’re feeling puffy, or sluggish, swollen around areas where the lymph collect.

What are holistic treatments readers can do at home?

I would recommend to book an online consultation for any at home holistic treatments to ensure the best advice, instruction and results.

Book a consultation with Nichola Joss here – be warned, her schedule fills up quickly!

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