The Ordinary Skincare Quiz, Part 2

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The original Ordinary skincare quiz has been such a hit on Science and Skincare that I knew I had to make another.

But this time it’s bigger and therefore better. I’ve added the entire catalogue of The Ordinary products to this quiz’s database so I can give you better recommendations.

I’ve also refined the formula which helps decide which product is for you. This means, this quiz is way better at providing you with accurate recommendations based on what you need and which ingredients treat those needs!

Knowing my audience, means knowing I have to cut to the chase. So, without further ado here is the NEW and improved Ordinary skincare quiz!

The Ordinary Skincare Quiz

Of course, it goes without saying, that is a very simplistic quiz. It’s hard to know exactly what your skin needs without seeing it but this quiz is designed to push you in the right direction.

Before you take this quiz (or retake it) I highly recommend you take a second to look at your skin, the way it feels and what is your major skin concern.

If you’re not too sure, that’s OK, because there is a question which should help you determine that more.

The Ordinary is a complex brand if you’re really not too sure what you’re looking for and your needs change throughout the year. Hence, please feel free to bookmark this page and retake it as many times as you need.

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