The Kiehls Quiz, Moisturiser Edition

The Kiehls quiz is here! Since I created the quiz section of my site, the requests have been poring through.

After The Ordinary, Kiehls has been the most requested. I’m assuming because they have a huge catalogue of products to choose from.

It’s so big in fact, the quiz has to be broken down into categories. Starting with moisturisers, spelt with an S, because we are in the UK.

So, if you’ve been looking for something new, especially now the seasons are changing, look no further. This quiz will look at your skin and skin needs, to give you the most suitable recommendation.

It does this by looking at some key points. Specifically, how much you exfoliate. This is an important part of picking a cream because you want to put back in what you take away with exfoliation.

Good exfoliation and good hydration, does good skincare make! Give it a go and get winter skincare ready!

The Kiehls Quiz, Moisturiser Edition

Please note, if you’re viewing this post on email, you’ll have to click here to play. Apologies for the inconvenience, I don’t know why it does that!

If you play, comment which cream/s you got. I’d love to know if you purchase any too! Don’t forget you can message me, on the FaceBook plug in the corner. If you have any questions.

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