In Conversation With The Founders Of SkinSort

SkinSort is skincare made easy. That’s their tagline and it encapsulates what they do pretty well. The world of skincare seems to get more and more complicated. The more science communicators there is, the more complex the information they are trying to communicate (and in some cases contradictory). SkinSort is the online tool that helps you navigate all of that.

You can filter through thousands of products to find the ones that suit your needs. It’s an important site because they consider the fact that everyone’s skin is different and will react differently to the same products.

Their routine builder takes into account your location, climate, skin type and concerns. After inputting your products, their builder will warn you of incompatibility issues.

This kind of tool is desperately needed as potent actives are so accessible these days.

I first heard of them when they reached out to me, to do a piece on what their website does (you can find that piece here).

Ever since then I’ve deferred to their website to analyse the ingredients list of every product I talk about. Even as a Biochemist I find it challenging to trawl through the barrage of information available.

Today, I speak to founders Jacob and Genne about where it all began.

Where did the idea for Skin Sort come from?

The idea for SkinSort came to us when we were having a conversation about skincare one day. Jacob mentioned that he had tried a ton of products in the past few years but had struggled to find ones that worked for him.

The original concept of SkinSort began as a “beauty journal” where users could keep track of their current routines and products. A lot of the features such as the dupe database and ingredient analyzer came after we had built the initial prototype and realized we could add more on top. 

Was it difficult to create the database, which you derive your information from?

To be honest, the database took a lot of time to create, and it is still curated to this day. We still double-check all the new products and brands users submit (shoutout to awesome users!) just to make sure all the information is correct.

The company’s ingredient analyser, which helps you to break down what’s in your skincare products.

Was it a difficult process to create the software as a whole? 

As a 2-person team, creating the software took almost 5 months just for the initial website. The two of us were playing every role that a normal company would have: we were designing, creating algorithms, gathering data, building the site, testing the features, and more. Although the process was difficult, we both learned and grew immensely from it; ultimately, we look back fondly on creating SkinSort. 

Why is it important that the consumer knows more about their skincare? 

We believe everyone should have access to information about the products they use or want to use. With that information, they can make decisions about what is best for their skin. Ultimately, we wanted a website that could help people with their skin troubles because we’ve both needed something like this in the past.

How can the readers get the most from SkinSort?

While you can use many features on SkinSort without an account (such as the ingredient analyzer), those with accounts get access to many more benefits.

Some of these include:

  • Having virtual shelves for taking notes and keeping track of products
  • Creating multiple skincare routines
  • Liking / disliking ingredients to be notified if they are in a product
  • And much more!  

Where do you see SkinSort going in the next few years? 

Our website is still growing and changing every day so, our goals for the future are to keep growing our products database. We also want to be able to provide more information to our users. We are always open to new ideas and feedback so that we can give our users a better experience. 

Check out SkinSort here. Alternatively, check out my in-depth review on how to use this tool here.

Photos courtesy of SkinSort

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