Are You Looking For A Skincare Ingredient Checker? Here Are The Best Options

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Have you been searching for a reliable skincare ingredient checker? I’m not surprised, they are all the rage at the moment, for obvious reasons.

Skincare is becoming more and more complicated and even if you have a good basis on which ingredient’s you should use, there are a tonne of other questions which need to be answered.

How do the ingredients work together? What is the main use of a product? Which products have your key ingredients in them? Are the cheaper options (dupes) available for those ingredients?

Click here to find the dupes I have found for some OG skincare products.

So, as you may imagine the ‘skincare ingredient checker industry’ (obviously not it’s really name, I should probably call it skincare software), is booming.

Let’s find out which ones are around and what they do!

Skincare ingredient checker options


Skinsort is the one I use the most. It’s got everything you need really. Key features include:

  • Ingredients analyser, where you can see which skin concerns the product is best for treating
  • A routine creator
  • Dupe finder
  • Fungal acne checker, you can literally see if a product is likely to cause fungal acne

INCI decoder

This one is very basic. It’s very much focused on the ingredients specially. It gives you some highlights of the product and brief explanation about what each one does and an overview of the ingredients themselves.

Here is a video on how this one works:

This isn’t my favourite one because the information doesn’t feel so relevant. There should be more information about how the ingredients work together and more dupes!


Again, this seems like a basic database. Key features include:

  • Comparison tool
  • Lots of product options (if you’re looking for inspo)
  • The ingredients analyser gives a concise list of useful elements (see below)

Cosmily Ingredient analyser search results

The ingredient analyser has some useful information including potential side effect, positive effects and most effective components.

Interestingly, it also has what percentage of the product has organic ingredients.

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