What Is Hormone Testing In Skincare?

Hormone Testing in skincare is exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s a vitality test that dermatologist often use to diagnose skin problems. It may also be the next big thing in skincare.

It’s becoming more accessible.

What role do hormones play in skin health?

By now you should understand that your hormones play a major role in how your skin feels and looks. Of course, so does genetics and your lifestyle. But you can’t discredit the effect of hormones either.

Do you break out when you’re on your period or stressed? Breakout’s during these time’s are very likely to be caused by a hormone imbalance. Even past our teenage years.

Read more on the menstrual cycle here.

However, up until now, there hasn’t been much skincare that address this.

How is skincare incorporating hormone testing?

Through a brand called Veracity.

Veracity is a skincare line based on unique biofactors. Their aim is to make skincare more personal, with a health saliva test that measures indicators like hormones and pH level.

From these test you can gain invaluable insight into your health. Specially, it can tell you recommendations for optimal ingredients based on these results.

Their range of products are not bespoke though.

Instead you’ll be a able to choose from a selection of Vital Concentrates (potent blends of¬†ingredients that target hormone-related ailments), a moisturizer, and a serum.¬†

The brands test will also recommend diet, lifestyle, and supplements changes.

This from an all-female team of medical advisers, with dermatology, endocrinology, OB-GYN, functional medicine, molecular and integrative physiology, and nutrition experts.

Images courtesy of Veracity

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