What Order Should My Skincare Routine Be?

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What Order Should My Skincare Routine Be? I’m going to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of articles such as these. I think they insult your intelligence by claiming that it’s just too difficult to figure this out.

It’s really not. It’s actually very straightforward and I resent the way beauty articles are written, as if their readers are completely lost and frazzled.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many skincare ingredients, that can be confusing however, the correct order to apply your skincare is not something to pour all your emotions into.

We’re all grown up’s here (I’m assuming), so I’m going to give you a basic guideline. If it makes sense to you, use it.

Don’t get too hung up on how the skincare manages to get from a tube to your face.

This post is essentially a diagram of what most of the beauty industry considers the correct way of applying skincare.

I’m going to share the diagram with you below but I do want to point out, you absolutely do not need every product mentioned.

Skincare is very intuitive and you have to go off what your major skincare concerns are. If you look and feel your skin, you’ll know what it needs.

I only have four non-negotiables.

These are; a good cleanser, a chemical exfoliation, a hydrating factor (oil or cream) and SPF. Honestly, I could live with just there forever.

Read ‘why is glycolic acid (a chemical exfoliator) good for your skin?’ here.

However, I know other people have different and worse skin concerns than I do. These are just a place to start.

So, without further ado:

What Order Should My Skincare Routine Be?

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Save this page, bookmark it. Do what you need to.

Remember this is just a jumping off place. A place for your to reference if and when you need to. It and this site will always be here for help.

You know your skin better than anyone. So, when it comes to which of these product you need and which you don’t, it’s best to use your intuition.

See how your skin feels when you add or detract products from your routine and you will inevitably find the routine and order that works for you.

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