Q and A With Maura Higgins About New Inglot Collaboration

Maura Higgins is adding 14 brand new vegan and cruelty-free products, less than a year since she unveiled her debut Inglot x Maura beauty line with Inglot Cosmetics.

Maura unveiled her debut best-selling makeup collection n June 2020 to widespread acclaim and has since released the Eye Define, Contour & Shine Brush Set, the limited edition Starstruck Eye and Face Palette and a trio of Christmas gift sets.

Now she’s expanding the line further, new products will include;

  • Endless Glow Liquid Illuminators £15 / €16
  • Luminous Rose Cream Blushers £11 / €12
  • Luminous Sands Cream Highlighters £11 / €12
  • Paradise Wild Eyeshadow Palettes £20 / €22
  • Bask in the Glow Duo Palettes £15 / €16

Q & A with Maura Higgins

What makes the Elements Collection different to the rest of your Inglot range? 

 I wanted to develop a collection that absolutely everyone could wear. After the success of my first Inglot x Maura collection, I wanted to add more skin products so I worked with the Inglot team to develop a range that would create the wow factor while also being good for your skin. I just love natural dewy looks and cream products and wanted to bring out a range that would literally melt into the skin and give a natural radiant glowy finish.

People really loved my skin and eyeshadow palettes, so I just had to add more with new tones and textures. My New Paradise Wild eyeshadow collection contains 3 palettes bursting with deep mattes, really rich browns, super shimmery nudes and the most amazing champagne tones. I also wanted to add little pops of colour here or there so that there would be something for every makeup lover!

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This collection is 100% vegan. Why was this a priority to you?

Vegan makeup is good for both the body and the Earth.

My Elements Collection is 100% vegan, which means that no animal by-products have been used and, like my original Inglot range, it is 100% cruelty-free. Inglot have never tested their products on animals and this was always hugely important to me when creating my own makeup collection.

There are no harsh chemicals used in this collection – just natural plant-based ingredients which was something I really wanted to achieve with this line. I am really conscious of what I put on my skin so I am delighted that all of the products in the Elements Collection are infused with vitamins and antioxidants which really help to keep your skin vibrant and healthy.

I have followers who message me on the daily about having sensitive skin so I really wanted something gentle and chemical-free, especially for people who are prone to acne or skin flare ups.

Why is this collection perfect for summer?

This summer is going to be all about safely socialising outdoors – hopefully lots of BBQ’s, socialising in beer gardens, trips to beaches and relaxing in parks. To me, that welcomes natural understated makeup looks. My Elements Collection products are so easy to apply and perfect for those days you want fresh, glowing skin without looking too overdone. Natural, understated beauty is what this collection is all about! 

What Elements Collection products are your favourites?

t’s SO hard to choose from these 14 amazing new products but I literally use my new Liquid Illuminators every single day – they’re made with White Truffle extract and while on the skin, they release toning and moisturising agents. They give such a gorgeous heathy glow – perfect for summer! I wear them on their own on no-makeup days too – they are literally like makeup and skincare in one and I love that!

I wear the Bask in the Glow Duo palette in Sunshine day and night – it’s just the perfect combination of a warm peachy blush and warm, natural bronzer. The duos come in 3 shades so there’s something for everyone.

I also HAVE to mention my new Cream Blushers and Highlighters – the finish effect when you wear these products is just insane. They’re all infused with Shea Butter and Emollients and are also full of Vitamin E & A. They literally just glide onto the skin, are so easy to apply and give such a natural glowy finish! I love the new glass skin makeup that’s everywhere right now so these are right on trend. Mammy has been wearing this collection too and she’s in love with the Cream Blushers and Highlighters! It’s honestly such a versatile collection and is amazing on skin of all ages.

I can’t say too much but I also have 3 more products coming later this summer that I’ve been working really hard on and they are just unreal – I won’t be able to keep these to myself for much longer.

I can’t say too much but I also have 3 more products coming later this summer that I’ve been working really hard on and they are just unreal – I won’t be able to keep these to myself for much longer.

The collection is all about understated, natural beauty. How has your approach to makeup application changed over the years?

In recent years, I am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin. After the year we’ve had, although I can’t wait to get glammed up and go out again, I’m drifting more towards natural looking makeup with really illuminated skin. I just love the idea of glowing skin and glossy eyes and lips – quick and easy to apply!

2021 is going to be the year of effortless, glowing skin and glistening eyes and that’s exactly what my Elements Collection is all about!

The campaign imagery is stunning. Where did you shoot it and how did it feel to be wearing your new collection of makeup?

The entire aim of the shoot was to capture a natural, pared-back beauty look in a variety of backdrops and I feel like we really achieved that. It was a really stripped-down, refreshing shoot – perfect for the theme of the Elements Collection, which is all inspired by nature and the Elements. 

Due to Covid-restrictions, we couldn’t travel abroad but found a fabulous set location in the UK. It was shot outdoors on the grounds of a country farmhouse. It was risky planning a totally outdoor shoot in the UK in March but thankfully we got the most beautiful day for it!

How does it feel to be the focus of photography where your makeup has not been digitally upgraded?

The fact that we have not digitally altered any of the makeup for this entire campaign shows just how amazing the Elements Collection products truly are. I chose to team-up with a professional makeup brand like Inglot because I knew that they would only use the highest-quality ingredients and produce the best possible product for an affordable price. I am so confident in my Elements Collection that the decision to release a digitally unaltered makeup campaign was an easy one for me to make. 

We called this the Elements Collection because it’s vegan and natural. None of my makeup in the campaign is digitally edited, it just tied in perfectly with the whole premise of the new collection and the message I want to share!  This is how the Elements Collection really looks on my skin.

How does it feel to have another makeup collection coming this summer?

I really can’t believe my collaboration with Inglot now stands at over 50 amazing products and to see my name on products that I am so proud of and that I genuinely wear all of the time is a milestone for me. We literally have something for everyone, from your lips to eyes and finally the dream face collection too.

There are no limits to what we can bring to the makeup world next and that’s what I love so much about makeup and beauty – it’s a never-ending journey for me!

The entire Ingot x Maura range including the brand new 14-piece Elements Collection is available to buy at www.inglot.co.ukwww.boots.com and www.missguided.com.

Photos courtesy of Inglot

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