Skincare Myths Debunked, Part One

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  • With Most Of The Country Fluctuating Between Tier 3 And 2, Are Beauty Salons Open?
    On Thursday Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, confirmed the ‘stay at home’ order would end next Wednesday December 2, and gyms, non-essential shops and personal care can all reopen but what does this mean for each tier? The above tweet is the generalised sentiment that many of us feel since the announcement of the new…
  • What Is Niacinamide?
    Niacinamide, like most skincare ingredients, appears to have come out of nowhere. In fact, in the past year alone Google searches for Niacinamide have more than doubled. But what exactly is it and why is there a stigma attached to using it? Niacinamide facts Well, for starters, it’s a vitamin. Vitamin B3 to be exact,…
  • The Best Black Friday Beauty Deals
    Updated 25th November* Stay calm but Black Friday is almost here (technically on the 27th November but most brands start their sales on the 25th) and as much as I’d like to pretend that I have enough will power to not shop a sale the truth is, I don’t. I can’t even begin to tell…
  • Devastated By The Closure Of Clarisonic? Well, You Can Still Buy One At Home Device Retailer, CurrentBody
    CurrentBody, the home beauty device retailer, has struck a worldwide exclusive deal with L’Oreal to continue selling best-selling Clarisonic devices and brush heads. Back in July, Clarisonic announced that it was shutting down permanently by September 30th in an Instagram post, much to the dismay of many of its fanbase: There was an instantaneous clamour for…
  • Can Oxygen Reverse The Effects Of Ageing?
    A new breakthrough study seems to think so. The scientists behind an exciting new study have suggested that breathing pure oxygen may help the reverse the ageing process. An experiment they conducted found that subjects put in pressurised oxygen chambers enabled telomeres – the protective caps on chromosomes – to regrow by more than 20…

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