SPF, The Basics

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new series all about sharing information easily. Well, that’s kinda what this whole blog is about but this series will be focused specifically on how to understand some frequently asked questions in the most simple way possible.

The kind of posts which you save to go back to when you’ve forgotten the information, if you catch my vibe?

Anyway, today is the first inforgraphic (also now known as a skinforgraphic) that I’ve made in a long time but I so enjoyed writing it.

Below, is the slide show I made which you can also find on all my socials i.e Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter (where it’s actually easier to save for the future).

Okay so slide along, learn and enjoy.

If you want more posts like this let me know and don’t forget to sign up to get a notification about when I post again!

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