The Ordinary Mandelic Acid with HA

SUPERSTAR PRODUCT: If you’re unaware of this weekly series I (try to) highlight one product that I love that I either don’t talk about enough or just generally think doesn’t get enough hype. I really love @theordinary‘s Mandelic Acid (pH 3.50 – 3.70). It’s the perfect chemical exfoliants if you have dry skin because it feels very hydrating. The Ordinary do say if you have very sensitive skin then it’s best to stay away so take heed of that advice! I would say you only need to use it once every two days and that’s assuming you’re not toning with glycolic acid. It comes under the AHA category of acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) so it may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Hence, I highly, HIGHLY recommend using sunscreen in conjunction with it (I know it’s hard to always remember and even I forget sometimes but it is really important)! What’s your #superstarproduct this week

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