In Conversation With: Pamela Laird – Apprentice 2019 finalist and founder of MOXI Loves


Designed to simplify your beauty routine, MOXI Loves was founded by Pamela because she has a genuine passion for beauty. She also faced Lord Sugar in the latest season of the Apprentice getting all the way to the final three. I, as many of you, saw her there for the first time and immediately likened to her warm, effusive personality and was intrigued to find out more about her journey. So, here is a little bit more about her time on the Apprentice and MOXI Loves.

Mum is the reason I’m in the industry at all, she really inspired me growing up.

Pamela on how her mum influenced who she is today.

What was the process in becoming a contender on The Apprentice like?

It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I think being away from family was the hardest part of the process. You forget how home comforts can help you in stressful situations and you are totally removed from that. But that being said it was one of the best things I’ve done.

Is Lord Sugar as intimidating as he seems?

Yes absolutely, he has a brilliant presence and I have a huge amount of admiration for him.

Is the show filmed in advance?

Yes it is filmed ahead of time, lots to edit down as it’s 3 days worth of filming put into 1 hour show.

How much contact were you allowed to have with the outside world?

We had a phone call home once a week and no internet or our own phone so virtually no contact.

Were you ever allowed out of the house to run personal errands? I.e getting your nails done because your nails always looked impeccable!

Ah thank you! Well I’m a nail technician by trade and I actually did all the girls nails in the house- including my own! I brought my full nail kit with me! UV lamp acrylic and some nail shades too for choice!  I did get my colour done during the process to get my roots topped up and the boys had haircuts too. 

I love how you discussed the relationship you have with your mum on the show. How has it impacted how you feel about beauty?

Mum is the reason I’m in the industry at all, she really inspired me growing up.  I think those after school evenings spent in the salon cemented my love for beauty! We are so close and I just wanted to be like mums.  I loved everything about beauty and did work in her salon for a few years.

Moxi looks like a great brand, how did you feel when your business plan was rejected because of the amounts of sku’s and not because he didn’t believe in the business?

This was tough to take because I know that is one of our weaknesses as a brand but it’s very costly to launch new products and that’s really what I wanted the investment for.  But I completely respect his decision and it’s just encouraged me to push on and I actually launched our third product in December 2019! 

How did you develop your original sku’s for Moxi?

It’s quite a long process and takes time with testing etc.  But the ideas are there and is launch another 10 right now if I could!  The idea for the product comes first and then it’s just about packaging and perfecting it!

When you discovered EU regulations on plastic had scuppered the success of your original sku’s how did you go about changing the range and getting back on your feet?

This was extremely difficult and for me personally that my products had to be discontinued.  It was a moment where I could have walked away or I could make a change so I dug deep and tried to look at things in a new way with fresh eyes, and so I developed Barefaced first our eco alternative to face wipes!

What is your innovation process?

It’s 3 question’s I ask myself when I have an idea – 1: is it kind and good for your skin e.g would my mum who’s a facialist let me use it 2: is it sustainable? That’s the question my customer’s asks so it’s part of my process and 3rd does it solve a problem?

Where do you see yourself and Moxi in five years time?

I want Moxi Loves to become a global brand.  In 5 years if I can say we are on sale in 5 markets I’d be happy!  As for myself I try not to think too far ahead as life throws curveballs so I’m happy to roll with them!

If you want to continue to follow Pamela’s journey follow her on Instagram here and Moxi Loves here.

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