Is David Sinclair right – Is resveratrol the miraculous molecule you need to combat anti-aging?

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Their beacon of light in the creation of the “pot of hope” that is anti-aging products.

David Sinclair is an award winning biologist who hails from Australia. In 2004 he became the founding director of Paul F. Glenn Laboratories for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Harvard.

Also, in the same year he founded Sirtris Pharmaceuticals which focuses primarily on resveratrol formulations and derivatives as activators of the SIRT1 enzyme. It has since been sold to GlaxSmithKline (for about $720 million).

SIRT1 or Sirtuin 1, is an enzyme that inhibits the aging process by blocking the action of NF-κB which is the main transcriptional regulator of genes related to inflammation. At some point all cells have two options; apoptosis (cell death) or inflammation, the latter is caused by the NF-κB biological pathway. Inflammation is a characteristic of aging skin.

In this instance, using a derivative of resveratrol, Sinclair believes you can inhibit the NF-κB pathway therefore inhibiting this process of inflammation. For Sinclair resveratrol is what retinol is to many others. Their beacon of light in the creation of the “pot of hope” that is anti-aging products.

It’s pretty easy to weave resveratrol into your routine, you can get in; supplement, serum and cream form. In fact you can try it pretty cheaply with, you guessed it, The Ordinary or if your looking for something that’s padded out with other skin loving ingredients, there is a plethera of things you could try, like Caudile Night Infusion Cream (with free UK shipping following this link!) which is picture below.

The best part seems to be a lack of side effects, unlike retinol which can cause your skin to become overly sensitive to sunlight. It also has massive benefit in that the natural food sources of resveratrol are berries, which mean there is an extra layer of antioxidant, anti-aging protection added to its use.

Will you be trying resveratrol?

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