In conversation with: Jennifer Goldstein – Co host of the Fat Mascara podcast and Beauty Director at Marie Claire


The first time I heard the Fat Mascara podcast Jennifer and her co-host Jessica, had Cindy Barshop, from The Real Housewives of New York City (Aka my favourite show in the world) on. I knew then that I had found the beauty podcast of my dreams! If you are looking for something relatable and honest, then you really can’t get much better than The Fat Mascara. Jennifer is also the Beauty and Health Director at Marie Claire in the US. And so you know the info is as fresh and legit as it can be. Read on to find out more about the fabulous Jennifer Goldstein @jenn_edit.

“You need to be able to have fun with us, have a sense of humor, know your subject inside and out, and know how to get your point across without rambling”

– Jennifer on what it takes to be a great podcast guest.

How did Fat mascara come about?

Jessica Matlin and I were having a drink one evening and she told me she wanted to do a beauty podcast. I thought she was asking me to suggest ideas and people she could work with and I had so many suggestions! But, like, halfway through the conversation I realized she was asking me to be a part of it too and I was on board immediately. We were both early fans of the medium and it seemed so natural, because it’s a way to tell the stories behind the stories we write for magazines.

Fat mascara is such a fabulous podcast – Is it difficult to choose guests?

We meet beauty experts all the time in our jobs, and, honestly, I think I know right away when I meet someone if they’re going to be engaging and knowledgeable enough to make a good podcast interview. You need to be able to have fun with us, have a sense of humor, know your subject inside and out, and know how to get your point across without rambling.

What’s it like to get an episode of Fat Mascara together?

We are booking guests weeks and months ahead of time because a lot of them are big names, and juggling their schedules, our studio’s schedules, and our own schedules can be insane. The other topics we talk about are mean to be timely, so we pull them together a few days before we record, along with a list of questions for the guest. We don’t write a script, but we’ve been doing this long enough that we can usually record a 45-minute episode in about two hours. Then our producer edits it in a day or two, then we release it.

Who is the guest that has left you the most star struck?

I don’t really get nervous or star struck. I try to treat everyone like they’re going to be my new best friend…and then hopefully they’re cool with that.

Do you listen to any podcasts?

Yes, of course! I’ve noticed I like almost everything from anyone that has ever been associated with This American Life. I also love The Daily and 2 Dope Queens. And Another Round and Mystery Show were early favorites. I miss both those shows! I also listen to a lot of my fellow beauty podcasters: Breaking Beauty, Where Brains Meet Beauty, The Emma Guns Show, Natch Beaut…

What is your number one cheap beauty hack?

Wear sunscreen every day so you don’t need fancy anti-aging products (or toxins or injectables) until way later in life.

In honour of International Women’s Day (a bit late I know BUT the hashtag is Balance for Better), how do you find a healthy work and life balance?

When I turn off, I turn OFF. I am multi-tasking almost all the time, but a few hours each week I go hiking, biking, running, or exploring somewhere in NYC, and I don’t look at a screen or check an account for the whole time. It’s a reset that is absolutely necessary.

What is the best advice you have for all those who want to work in the beauty industry?

Do your research, ask questions, go shopping in real, actual brick-and-mortar stores, watch women apply makeup, and try lots and lots of products