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  • How Does Hyaluronic Acid Help Your Skin?

    How Does Hyaluronic Acid Help Your Skin?

    Hyaluronic acid has been dubbed a holy grail product by skincare gurus and brands a like for a long time but there is still some confusion over they way it works and whether it will work for all skin types/concerns? Here is some of the key things you should know about HA. What is Hyaluronic…

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  • COVID-19 Explained

    COVID-19 Explained
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    Some of us have underestimated the ability of COVID-19 to cause destruction in our lives but this is without a doubt the most uncertain time that a lot of us have lived through. Jobs have been cut, some people may not be able to pay their rent, children will miss out on education and some…

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  • Skinformation: Keratosis Pilaris

    I knew I had to cover this skin condition at some point in this series because it effects 50-70 percent of the adult population and many don’t even know what this is. I know this because I have it and for years I had no idea what it was, how to treat it and how…

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  • Glycolic acid vs Salicylic acid

    Glycolic acid vs Salicylic acid

    You cannot turn a corner in your local beauty store without bumping into a product that has acid in it. They’ve always been there but thanks to the skinfluencer community their popularity has grown by huge amounts. And for good reason – they perform almost immediately. If you’ve never used acid on your skin before…

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