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Disodium EDTA

Found in – Omorovicza, Queen of Hungry mist Widely used in the cosmetic industry, working as a stabilizer, chelator (a binding agent that suppresses chemical activity) and preservative. Because of its metallic chelating activity, as it can counteract the adverse effects of hard water – water that has a high mineral count, generally formed when […]

Stearic Acid

Found in Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream This waxy acid is found in a huge array of products that range from animal derivates to fragrance and of course skincare. It is indeed a fatty acid and its structure emphasis this, with the characteristic carboxylic acid group on the end and a long aliphatic, hydrocarbon chain. It […]


Parabens have had so much bad press because of a 2004 study that linked them to breast cancer. But how accurate was this information and should we all be banning them from our skincare regiments?  They come in many forms including; butyl paraben and ethyl paraben. And they are present to keep products safer to […]