My Top 5 Christmas Beauty Gifts 2022

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The 1st of December can only mean one thing, its Christmas gift guide day! Every year the anxiety inducing panic of gift buying commences and every year, I try to help you distinguish what is actually worthwhile, with a well research ‘Christmas beauty gift guide’.

Before we begin let me remind you of how I determine what to include in these posts. I am an exceptionally picky person and so I choose products which are actually useful, affordable and most importantly something that I would like to receive myself. That’s the criteria.

This isn’t about overwhelming you with a long list of beauty products, which are mostly the same. This is a concise list of beauty products, all of which are good and useful.

Rest assured all of the hard work has been done on your behalf and all you have to do is choose which one fits most with the person you’re buying for.

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide 2022

Douvall’s Uplift gift sets

I’ll admit, I had no idea this brand existed before but after trying their room mists I am convinced this is the perfect gift. It’s not something that I would buy for myself but it’s something I relish every single day.

The set consists of three different mists, a room one, one for after you use the bathroom and one you can spray into your shower while it gets steamy. I use them all every single day and they make my life 100% more luxurious.

Buy here for £38.

Duck and Dry Christmas gift sets

Haircare sets to promote growth and volume? Literally what more could you want. This is the perfect gift for people who struggle with their hair and lack the essential products needed to keep hair healthy in a very easy, manageable routine.

Buy here for £50

Dame Period Products

I’ll admit, tampons may not have been my first option as a present when I was a teenager HOWEVER, this is an excellent stocking filler for teenagers who may be getting their first period. This is luxurious periods if ever there were such a thing.

If you have a niece, sister or even daughter this is a great, sustainable, functional gift.

Buy here for £24.99

Custom Tweezerman Tweezers

Tweezerman products are well known for their good quality and are versatile, as illustrated in the video above.

Personally, the personalised tweezers are my favourite. They are an affordable yet thoughtful and extremely useful stocking filler. You can buy them on the link below,, but if you want to customise them visit the Tweezerman site.

Get them here.

CurrentBody gift sets

Ok, this is for those of you who have serious skincare lovers in your life. If you want to blow them away CurrentBody’s LED mask is THE thing to get them. For a more in-depth look at how they work click here.

You can get an extra 15% off whatever you buy with the code ‘SCIENCELED15’, this is obviously not sponsored but I’m always gonna share discounts when I have them!

Buy their Christmas set here.

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