Best Christmas Skincare Gifts 2021

On Science and Skincare, this time of year only means one thing, Christmas Skincare Gift guide. This years is really good, even if I do say so myself.

I have been speaking, testing, investigating brands and products for the whole of November. Now I’m confident in the fact that I’ve created a unique skincare guide, including products/services you won’t find anywhere else.

So, in no particular order here it the Christmas Skincare Guide 2021.

Christmas Skincare Guide 2021

Best Christmas Skincare Gifts 2021


GetHarley Glow Set

Why I love it: GetHarley is a genius and transformative beauty idea. Essentially, you can speak to the best skincare professionals around to help you get to your skin goals. The reason why it’s so good? You can do this from anywhere in the world and it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg.

Practitioners on GetHarley include consultants, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, celebrity facialists and PhDs. Once you’ve had your consultation, you get sent a skincare routine designed specially for you. You can choose to buy it straight away or you can wait for payday.

The best part? A 30 minute consultation costs £30. They are quite literally democratising skincare. Those who couldn’t afford a visit to the best dermatologist on Harley Street, can now see a specialist at home.

Although, I think surprising someone with a consultation is a good gift idea (if they’ve mentioned an interest in skincare specifically), the reason they are on this list if for their Glow Box.

For £100 the gift box includes a consultation and a bespoke skincare regime, sent directly to the recipients door, just like in the picture above.

The Ordinary Bright Set makes for an excellent starter kit for those who want to tackle dull skin and hyperpigmentation.

The Ordinary Skincare gifts

The Bright Set

Why I love it: This set is only £33 pound for a whole skincare routine, packed full of active ingredients which tackle dull skin and hyperpigmentation. Anyone who wants gorgeous, glowing, even skin need look no further!

It makes for a really thoughtful gift for pretty much anyone, or even an impressive stocking filler.


Skin Device

Why I love it: Reduit is a device ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the hand and it is powered by Enhanced Delivery Technology. The effectiveness of the RÉDUIT Spa device and Smartpods lies in Ultrasonic Diffusion. This is a force that separates the formula (which you buy from them too) into small particles that is supposed to provide better coverage and easier and faster absorption, and Magnetic Misting, a technology that pushes the actives deeper into the skin layers than any device on the market.


Xmas Health + Happiness gift sets

Why I love it: Anatomé is incredibly luxurious and the perfect ‘I wouldn’t buy this for myself’ present. I like the ‘Balance Set’ the most because the combination of bath salts, candles and sleep oils is the ultimate relaxation combo. And who doesn’t need relaxing this year?

Pure Culture Beauty

Custom Serum Kit and Custom Skincare Set

Pure Culture Beauty is the brain child of Victor Casale and Joy Chen. Victor was formally the Chief Chemist of MAC Cosmetics and is the founder of CoverFX, a brand built around innovation and customisation.

Joy Chen’s CV is nothing too scoff at either. She has 20+ years of experience in the industry and has held executive leadership positions at top skincare companies, including H2O+ Beauty and Yes To.

Now they’ve teamed up to give us Pure Culture Beauty, a customisable beauty brand that uses data and science to develop products which target the microbiome and improve skin health.

Their Custom Serum Kit and Custom Skincare Set are their festive offerings and you can get $20 off both of them with code ‘skincareandscience’.

The Sleep Curtain

The Curtain (Use ‘scienceandskincaregift’ at checkout for $5.00 off the listed price – both preorder a)

The Sleep Curtain is a 100% blackout, portable curtain that is proven to help you get a deeper sleep.

It is the most effective 100% blackout curtain that temporarily installs to fit any window in seconds. It’s made sustainably with the highest-quality OEKO-TEX and Greenguard certified non-toxic material. Plus, the company plants a tree for every unit we make.

It’s a game-changer for improving sleep quality and daily performance, useful for light sleepers, mamas with little ones, and travellers, at home and away.

Invogue Lash Love

Lash Love

So In Vogue is a mother brand that has a tonne of brands under it. They sell everything. I mean EVERYTHING. It’s the perfect brand for stocking fillers. Nails, lashes, application tools, jade rollers, silk scrunchies. You can find them all here and for an affordable price!

CACI Rejuvenating Hand Mask

CACI Rejuvenating Hand Mask

CACI Hand Rejuvenation has been specifically developed to address and take care of the skin on
our hands. With a unique combination of CACI’s Rejuvenating Hand Mask and Electro Glove
technology, it leaves them feeling silky smooth and looking visibly softer and more youthful.

Pura Lip Scrub

Raspberry and Forest Fruits Lip Scrub Duo

This is a beautifully-packaged, 100% recyclable gift. You can get a full-size Revitalising Raspberry Lip Scrub and complementing, full-size Fruits of the Forest Lip Balm for just £8.99. You’ll have to check shipping details to see if you can get it in time for Christmas.

If you can’t I think it’s the perfect gift for secret Santa’s, New Years Treats. Basically any occasion that requires a small but useful and considerate gift.

Dr Pimple Popper

The Love & Lights Face Set

This is such a no brainier if you’re looking for skincare which treats acne/breakouts. It contains the brand’s best-selling Salicylic Acid Cleanser and Facial Moisturiser. And it’s perfectly packaged for Christmas.

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