Odacite Has Just Released A ‘No Nasties’ List And Here’s Why It’s All Wrong

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Odacite created their very own version of the ‘no nasties’ list and it’s super problematic. Fear mongering is a big part of marketing in the skincare industry and has been for a few years.

Over the past year, there has been a movement away from this kind of marketing. However, the emergence of this post has once again proven fear sells.

Science and Skincare is dedicated to providing you with the most well rounded skincare information so you can make the best decisions for your skin. This means making a choice from a place of confidence, not fear.

So, I created this post for you to refer to if you have questions about any of the ingredients on the Odacite ‘no nasties’ list.

Odacite created their own ‘no-nasties’ list

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This is an important post if you want to get a better understanding of how skincare works because Odacite’s claims are based on very little research.

In fact much of the beauty industry is under researched. Hence, we can make the assumption, they are fear mongering in order to generate sales.

This creates a cult like mentally which causes people to have anxiety about the products they are using. An anxiety that does not need to exists.

The bottom line is that many ingredients can be carcinogenic or damaging at a certain concentration however, that’s why we have regulatory bodies like the FDA. They stop companies creating products which are harmful to us.

Besides, no company will make a profit if it’s users aren’t around..

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