Bubble Skincare Is Now In Walmart

Bubble Skincare is the fast growing beauty brand that is now available in Walmart. However, this may be the first time you’re hearing about this brand.

It is relatively new, it launched in November 2020.

Also, if you’re not a teenager, this may not be the brand for you. It’s extremely teen-centric skin care products were created to shake up the beauty world.

They differ from other brands which cater to the teen market because they deliver quality. Not just pretty packaging.

Essentially, it’s grown up formulations in cuter packaging.

They’re catering to a growing niche. Young people who want skincare that looks good and does good but is affordable.

“There are hundreds of beauty brands that cater to the 25+ age group, but no high-quality options made for young skin. Brands were still using the same harsh, over-drying, outdated, ineffective ingredients, complicated steps and unnecessary anti-aging formulas,” Shai Eisenman, founder and CEO of Bubble shared in a statement.

“It made no sense to us that teens were stuck with options that hadn’t evolved and that didn’t deliver on what they really needed and wanted. In order to truly change the industry, we needed to find a retail partner who understood our mission and foundation.”

Walmart wants to cash in on this idea by giving Bubble the opportunity to reach millions of teens.

Bubble Skincare is in Walmart.

By doing so Walmart has opened its skincare category to a huge audience, that is largely untapped.

Shop Bubble Skincare here.

Images courtesy of Bubble

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