Kumiko Skincare Partners With Ricky Martin

Kumiko Skincare has signed a partnership deal with singer Ricky Martin. The deal will see Martin advertise for the brand for the next three years.

Kumiko, a brand founded by Catalina Aguirre. Aguirre worked in media for 15 years before switching gears and delving into her other passion, aesthetics.

In 2017, with the aid of Dr. Carmen Moren, Aguirre launched Kumiko.

The products for the line were developed in Barcleona, with Japanese Matcha Tea and Mesotherapy technology.

Mesotherapy, usually a medical procedure, consists of intradermal injection of pharmacologic substances. The aim is to rejuvenate skin.

Kumiko’s transfer of this therapy into a skincare product is not known. However, it is what they claim to have achieved.

Ricky Martin and Catalina Aguirre  

Earlier this year Ricky Martin sealed a deal, becoming a representative for the brand.

Ricky says;

“It has always been my priority to work on artistic, philanthropic or business projects that contribute to the quality of life of humanity, including physical and mental health.

During the pandemic, I have taken that approach to an individual level, focusing on healing through sound, mediation and using products that help improve my well-being.”

Kumiko skincare will be expanding their product line. Now with an internationally recognised star representing them, there is no doubt their brand will grow exponentially.

Photos courtesy of the brand

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