Kristen Bell’s Brand, Happy Dance, Is Launching Skincare

Kristin Bell’s CBD brand, Happy Dance, is launching into skincare. After the success of their body care range, the brand is is entering the facial skin-care category with a new moisturiser. 

It all kicks off tomorrow, July 13th, when the moisturiser will launch at Ulta and on the brand’s own site.

The brand has bene dropping hints as to what could be in the new cream on its social media. Based on this we can guess that avocado, ginger and of course CBD, will be somewhere on the ingredients list.

Summer Frein, general manager of Happy Dance and Lord Jones spoke to Glossy about the launch. Frein made clear that Happy Dance was always going to expand into facial skincare.

“We always had facial skin care in the pipeline. We’ve been talking with Kristen from the beginning about the brand concept. How she got introduced into CBD by way of Lord Jones was largely through topicals.”

Although the new product will launch with Ulta online, it won’t be in Ulta x Target stores.

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The reason for this is clear, big retailers are still hesitant to stock CBD because of regulations. Happy Dance want to change that by being a source of honest, accurate information regarding CBD.

Frein says “retailers continue to reach out to us to ask questions. As an organisation, guiding that policy change and making sure that our retailers understand it is of utmost importance to us.”

For the rest of 2021 the brand is planning on concentrating on its facial skincare range. Alongside this, the brand will focus on it’s retail partners, Ulta, brick-and-mortar stores as covid subsides.

Photos courtesy of Happy Dance

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