RHONJ Star Jennifer Aydin Launches Innovative Pillow To Help Decrease Wrinkles And Improve Skin Quality

Real Housewives ofย New Jersey’s Jennifer Aydin has fused her passion for beauty and business to launch the “Ultimate Beauty Pillow” for lips, lashes and brows.

Real Housewives ofย New Jersey’s Jennifer Aydin

The innovative pillow helps to decrease wrinkles, improve skin quality, reduce puffiness and elongate the lifespan of various beauty procedures.

She, along with her husband, successful plastic surgeon, Dr. Bill Aydin researched products that would stabilise and cradle the neck.

They also spoke to patients about their needs, according to the Daily Mail.

Jennifer and her husband Bill Aydin

Aydin shared with the Daily Mail ‘the most important advice my husband shared with me when creating this pillow was how important the fabric would be.ย 

Since the face is so uniquely sensitive, we chose fabrics carefully and used silk (600-thread count cover)ย with aย hypoallergenic microfiber interior.ย 

We also stayed completely away from any dyes.’ The cover is easily removable and can be machine washed.’

The brand does not have an Instagram page right now but you can purchase the pillow here.

Although, the pillow has just launched Aydin claims to have a tonne of positive reviews. Including stars of the other Real Housewives Franchise’s.

‘They all have my pillow and enjoy it’, Aydin shared with the Daily Mail.

‘We have also sent them to some of the other franchises as well – like Beverly Hills, Salt Lake and New York. The response has been incredible so far.’

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