Kiehl’s Introduces New Alcohol Based Purifying Hand Gel

In the world of covid-19, it will come as no surprise that Kiehl’s are expanding their sanitisation range.

Hygiene habits are evolving and with them the need for better, less-drying hand sanitisation options.

And so Kiehl’s has launched Clean Strength Alcohol-Based Purifying Hand Gel, developed to cleanse and leave overexposed hands feeling moisturised.

It’s a lightweight, refreshing gel, which features rosemary & eucalyptus essential oils. It purifies skin while leaving hands feeling soft, moisturised and comfortably clean.

Dr. Nancy Ilaya, PhD, Kiehl’s Global Scientific Director details the inspiration behind the
creation of the Purifying Hand Gel, “hand sanitising has become a necessity, much like brushing
our teeth, to keep disease-associated organisms at bay.

We were inspired to find a way to elevate this essential hygienic gesture, which helps keep both ourselves and our community safe, safe by pairing essential oils with a functional sanitising formula”.

Sharing a behind the scenes snippet from the production, Dr. Nancy goes on to explain that
‘during development of our first ever hand sanitizer, we reviewed several essential oils and their

We surveyed global members of our team for cultural anecdotes that helped us shortlist
the numerous essential oils, while our research team evaluated properties of these in the lab
along with published scientific data.

Through this process we identified Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oils, which are known for their fresh, crisp and clean aromatic profiles.”

Featuring a non-sticky texture for comfortable application, the high-performance, efficacious
formula with glycerin, a powerful humectant, and essential oils leaves skin feeling moisturized
and refreshed after just one use, the brand states.

It’s powered by 71% vegetable-derived alcohol and a blend of botanical essential oils, the formula effectively cleanses without drying out skin, cuticles or nails.

Buy Clean Strength Alcohol-Based Purifying Hand Gel here.

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