Birchbox Launches Re.fil, A Refillable Beauty Brand

Birchbox is capitalising on sustainability by launching a refillable beauty brand.

Re.fil is supposed to give consumers an easy way to tweak their skincare routines to be more sustainable, says Birchbox  CEO Katia Beauchamp.

The brands first product will be a Lip Balm however, you can use the balm on your cuticles, dry patches and even eyebrows.

“Everything we do is about simplification and making it fun,” Beauchamp said.

“This balm checks off all of those boxes — it’s multi-purpose (you can use it on lips, brows, cuticles, dry or flaky skin anywhere, tame flyaways, as a diaper balm for your kids, as a highlighter to accent your cheekbones), comes in an easy-to-use format, it leaves a protective moisture barrier on the skin that is super smooth and not at all tacky, and it’s refillable.”

Launching this brand shows how committed Birchbox its sustainability initiative to reduce waste.

Other parts of said initiative includes removing 70% of unnecessary packaging from samples by the end of the year, and creating a recycling program for customers’ samples and other products.

The company is also looking to make their other in-house brands, Arrow Beauty and Love of Colour, more eco-friendly.

They want to create recyclable alternatives for all of their products by 2025.

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Birchbox will be hoping this will elevate its sale in a big way. They had a tough 2020, as did many people. Many news outlets reported that in in February last year, the brand cut its staff by 25%.

Whether this will be the uplift they were looking for, we have yet to see.