Centred Haircare Wants You To Take Your Scalp More Seriously

According to the Creative Director for CENTRED. haircare, Kieran Tudor your scalp is just like your skin and it’s the key that unlocks the door to healthier hair.

‘Much like skincare – cleansing is key and is the first step when practicing proper scalp care. Using harsh shampoos containing sulphates can strip the scalp and hair of its natural moisture, which can not only cause irritation and flaking but can also lead to dry, thinning, brittle hair and limit your hair growth rate.

Stop stripping your scalp and start using gentle, sulphate-free shampoo formulas, which will effectively cleanse, soothe and moisturise for a healthier, more balanced scalp and stronger, fortified hair.”

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So, what is the brand doing to combat our scalp issues?

They recommend two products, which aim to soothe and strength the scalp. These are The Daily Calma Shampoo and The Altered State Shampoo Bar.

The Altered State Shampoo Bar by Centred Haircare

Both of these shampoo’s work to keep your scalp hydrated. This means if your scalp is dry OR oily, it can be beneficial for you.

Dry/rough hair is more commonly associated with a dehydrated scalp, but it doesn’t accurately tell you whether your scalp need more hydration.

You can tell if you have a dehydrated scalp, if you have dandruff. The texture of the hair matters less because your scalp can be dehydrated and still be oily, meaning your hair isn’t dry or rough.

Back to the products…

The Daily Calma Shampoo is a coconut derived cleanser which gently cleanses and replenishes lost moisture. It’s perfect for those of you who have a sensitive scalp.

The shampoo also contains an Amino Acid Complex.

This helps the production of protein to strengthen the inner core of the hair structure, protecting it from future damage.

The Altered State Shampoo Bar is a little more intense because it contains caffeine, which stimulates hair growth.

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