Kat Von D’s Former Makeup Line Have Revealed Their Latest Product

Kat Von D is a brand that you either love or hate.

From the brand’s founder (of the same name) feuds with Jeffree Star to her selling her shares and then the multiple re-brands, the brand has just about survived.

Now, they’ve got something new to share…. but with an old logo?

Beauty News on Instagram were the first to drop the news of the brand’s latest launch, ModCon Liquid-Gel Blush.

The blush has five key selling points, :

BLUSH BREAKTHROUGH: It’s lightweight, long-wear liquid-gel blush for a modern, dewy, gelly skin glow. 

GELLY SKIN GLOW? Hydrated + dewy with a punch of colour. The Vegan Gelly System helps it last all day. 

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: You can create freeform looks by building it up without moving your foundation or highlighting texture. 

FRESH + FAST: It melts on easily for a translucent, shimmer-free glow that won’t get streaky, tacky or patchy. Skin looks hydrated, bright and smooth. 

MODERN CONSISTENCY: Its innovative formulas give you complete control as an artist.

They sound great however the brand can’t seem to catch a break. Just take a look at the exasperated comments in the above post.

The problem that the newly name KVD (which now stands for Kara, Veritas, and Decora), doesn’t seem to understand is they could lose their customer base through all of this instability.

In March, the vegan cosmetics brand relaunched its website and social-media accounts with a new name and shiny aesthetic.

That’s the second time in two years.

Losing the engagement of their following is not something they should take lightly. Many comments of this much anticipated launch were negative.

‘At this point I’ve just given up on KVD, this could be the best cream blush ever and I wouldn’t buy it.’

‘I’m assuming they’ve had this product in production for some time because of the old logo on it. Is the product old or did they have the packaging made & on hand? Either way it doesn’t make me want to buy it.’

‘It’s the old logo for me which means it’s potentially an old product.’

The question now is, will they be able to sustain themselves and effectively push their new values.

Values which are now very much based on social and racial justice.

On their website they say, “we believe in equity and inclusivity because, in our world, outsiders are insiders.”

The success of this launch, on May 28th, will tell us just how much this rebranding has effected their audience.