Kiehls Celebrates It’s 170th Birthday

Kiehls has been officially been around for 170 years! The brand has started its celebrations this week by launching their heritage and commemorative collections.

A peak at the Kiehls Heritage collection

A brief history of Kiehls

The brand was launched by a family in New York City in 1851.

The aim of the brand, which has stayed consistent throughout the years, was to give us fine quality skincare.

They are very much based on a pharmacy because the foundation of their formulas, is to combine technology with effective ingredients. The same as medicine.

It’s literally medicine for your skin.

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The brand has been made famous due to it’s ‘try before you buy’ policy, which originates from Irving Morse, a founding family member of the Kiehl’s Apothecary.

He valued the personal relationships he had with his customers and encouraged them to experiment with his hand-made remedies before choosing those best-suited for their needs.

Kiehl’s Global Head of Education & Customer Experience, Cammie Cannella has this to say about the brand’s milestone;

“Throughout the decades, the Kiehl’s service experience has always remained rooted in education, as every customer who visits us can expect to receive a personalised consultation complete with appropriate product and sample recommendations.”

The brand is adamant they stay true to their rooted philosophies, which includes engaging with each customer by listening to their needs.

This also includes striving to build trust with their customers by providing personal skin solutions.

One of their motto’s says it all:

‘We are always “on our customer’s side” – we would rather make a friend than push a sale.’

(That’s actually very similar to mine).

Going forward the brand is committed to sustainable beauty. Global Brand President, Leonardo Chavez, says it best.

“Environmental protection and waste reduction are at the forefront of my strategy for Kiehl’s. I am hyper focused on Future Made Better; our sustainability platform that connects our ongoing efforts in sustainability and grassroots approach to philanthropy to the aspirations of our customers in an authentic and differentiated way.

Since 1851, Kiehl’s has always strived for better – from responsible formulations, eco friendly packaging & manufacturing practices, to supporting local communities.

As we look to the future, we believe our patrons and planet deserve authenticity, proactivity, and a dedication to doing better together. In addition to our environmental efforts, we are focused on inclusivity and bringing new audiences into the Kiehl’s community.”

Check out their commemorative and limited edition ranges here.

Photos courtesy of the brand