Krave Beauty’s Beet Shield Fails SPF Test

Krave Beauty’s Beet Shield has failed an SPF Test, it has announced on a statement on its Instagram page.

Read the statement for yourself below:

The brand claimed they decided to conduct their own (independent from their manufacturer) test to verify the protection in their products.

They partnered with multiple 3rd party lab’s based in the US.

The results showed that Krave Beauty’s Beet Shield does not meet standards, however they are unable to tell us exactly what the results were. this because of legal constraints.

Their response?

They are going to stop selling Beet Shield indefinitely and they have launched a refund program for those who already bought it.

Details on this are below.

Refund program

The refund timeline window from May 18, 2020 to Feb 2, 2021.

Have you tried the sunscreen or will you be buying from Krave Beauty again? Let us know in the comments!

If you believe you are due a refund, you can find the refund form here.

Photo’s courtesy of brand

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