Rare Beauty New Eyeshadow’s Are Here

Rare Beauty has finally announced its new eyeshadow palette. After a black and white teaser image of the product was released, yesterday, the brand has shown the world which colours will be featuring in its latest eyeshadow collection.

Take a look at the colours yourself.

Rare Beauty has launched a new eyeshadow palette named ‘True to Myself’.

You can imagine Selena Gomez wearing every single one of these shades right?

It’s called ‘True to Myself’ and includes a warm, wearable set of shades that range from mid-toned browns and pinks to shimmery golds.

The colours are made to be wearable everyday and suit skin tones universally.

The colours in the new Rare Beauty palette include:

– Undeniable (matte purple taupe)
– Genuine (matte peach)
– Passionate (duo-chrome magenta gold)
– Accepting (glittering rose to bronze)
– Loyal (matte warm brown)
– Positive (metallic pink champagne)
– Pure (metallic true gold)

The brand describes the colours as ‘rich’ and ‘buttery’, and given that the range is said to be crease-resistant and blend-able it, quite frankly, sounds like the perfect eyeshadow range.

Twitter has been blowing up in anticipation of the palette:

You can even win your own palette here:

The palette will be available here on 12th of April 9PM PT.

Unfortunately, for UK fans of the range, Rare Beauty does not ship to the UK and neither does it’s retail partner, Sephora.

When that changes, Science and Skincare will be the first to let you know.

Photos courtesy of Rare Beauty