What Are The New Tier 4 Restrictions?

Once again the UK has been forced into a time of uncertainty which has prevented Christmas celebration for many and has left many wondering what are the new Tier 4 restrictions?

On Saturday night, Boris Johnson, announced new tier 4 restrictions for London, the south-east and east of England, amid a surge in Covid-19 cases and alarm about a new strain of coronavirus spreading rapidly in the region.

Central London is deserted after the new Tier 4 restrictions were introduced on Sunday.

Which areas are under the new Tier 4 restrictions?

All areas in the south-east of England that were under tier 3 measures, including London, moved into Tier 4 on Sunday.

What are the new Tier 4 restrictions?

The key changes in this tier include:

 Non-essential shops, hairdressers, and leisure and entertainment venues must close.

‘Stay at home’ message introduced.

Travel for school or childcare is allowed.

Unlimited exercise is allowed.

People who cannot work from home can go into work.

Households cannot mix however one person is allowed to meet with one other person outside in a public space. Support bubbles and those meeting for childcare are exempt.

Those who are extremely vulnerable to Covid-19 and the new strain should limit their time outside of their homes and not go to work.

Those living in Tier 4 must not stay overnight away from home, and cannot travel abroad.

For more information about Tier 4 click here.

How long will the measures last?

Matt Hancock, has said that these restrictions are likely to last for months, until the vaccine has been rolled out across the UK.

The measures will be reviewed on 30 December, as part of a wider review of tier restrictions.

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