Target Haircare Expands With Function Of Beauty

Target haircare is expanding its haircare offering with the addition of Function Of Beauty.

Only yesterday did I write the story about the incredible $150 million investment that customisable haircare brand Function of Beauty land.

In that article we looked at all the ways the ever-expanding brand would spend that vast sum of money in order to dominate the custom beauty space.

And well today we have discovered they don’t waste any time because just a few days ago the 4-year-old start up expanded into Target stores all across America.

A get unready with me post by Function of Beauty

This is a big step for the brand because this is the first time they will be available in a brick-and-mortar shop.

They have an exclusive one-year deal with Target to offer its shampoo and conditioner products in-store and on 

However, this presents a problem for the brand because it is all about customisation.

So, you may be questioning how they are going to bring this ability to choose your product into a brick-and-mortar?

Well, they are bypassing the problem by not offering it.

Target Haircare Expands With Function Of Beauty

Lorna Sommerville, Function of Beauty CMO, said this won’t be a problem for the brand, “there are some women who were incredibly excited about this retail offering.

This presented them the ability to buy it where they buy the rest of their items.

But there was another set of people who, when we exposed them to the DTC version and talked about that higher level of customisation, were more drawn to that option.”

Essentially, Target offers a large brand awareness opportunity for Function of Beauty and those who still want the customisation experience are able to get it on the brands own website.

Photos courtesy of Function of Beauty’s Instagram page

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