Amorepacific Invests $2.7 Million Into A Beauty Content Firm

Amorepacific, the South Korean beauty conglomerate, has made a $2.7 million investment in DMIL, a beauty content creator network start-up.

DMIL is essentially a media content firm with a multichannel network. The manage beauty content creators including YouTubers Jella, Woorin, and Chaeyoung, and work with more than 500 Korean companies.  

They also operate the e-commerce platform dVine, and its own brand Hours.

This partnership is further emphasise of the growing reliance the beauty industry has on social media market, which has in the past been neglected by the industry.

Lee Young-jin, the head of Amorepacific New Growth Initiative Division said,  “from this investment, Amorepacific Group will establish a close partnership with beauty influencer-made contents and in commerce.”

CEO of DMIL, Lee Hun-joo added, “in the beauty industry, the partnership between personal media and commerce is creating new opportunities, we seek to grow into a vertical media company combining content, commerce and our own brand using the investment.”

Now that a big beauty company has specifically invested in the relationship between consumer, influencer and beauty we can surely expect to see this trend develop in western countries too, over the next few years.

Photos via Amorepacific

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