Abuse Is Not Love, The New Charitable Initiative From YSL Beauty


The content and discussion in this story may be emotionally challenging to engage with.

Please skip reading this post if you are concerned this topic could cause a trauma trigger.

If you need any help please visit www.facebook.com/safety/domesticviolenceresources for helplines in your country

What is this initiative about?

YSL Beauty is launching a global program aimed at helping combat Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

The brand is commiting to funding academic research, training its employees and educating 2 million people by 2030 on IPV through its partnerships with non-profits.

Why has YSL chosen to shed light on IPV?

Intimate partner violence is an issue that affects women and men from all socioeconomic, religious and cultural groups.

It remains one of the most common forms of violence against women and includes emotional, financial, physical and sexual abuse.

In the UK, US and France one women is killed by her partner every three days.

The 9 signs of abuse

During a press conference to announce their new initiative, YSL shared a poster on the common but often overlooked signs that someone is or could be abusive in the future. These include: ignoring you when angry, isolating you from friends and family, intrusion -going through your phone or tracking you and jealousy, among other things, which are listed in the video above.

YSL rightly wanted to emphasise each of these signs as they can be romanticised when actually they are an indication of an unhealthy person and relationship.

What YSL pledge to do

YSL is launching a 4-pillar program which includes;

  • The Safer Futures Project –  Supporting schools address and educate their pupils on sexism and gender-based violence. At least 12,000 young people will benefit.
  • The Expect Respect Toolkit – A guide for educators to help provide age appropriate activities examining sexism and gender education through primary school.
  •  Internal YSL Training -Workshops and training to help frontline and corporate YSL teams identify abusive behaviour.
  • Contribution To Research –  Funding research on youth and prevention of IPV.
Photos courtesy of YSL Beauty

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