Revolution Beauty Launches 2nd ‘Friends’ Collection

The first collection sold out pretty quickly, proving the obsession with Friends is still well and truly alive.

Now, Revolution Beauty is giving us another ‘Friends’ inspired make-up collection to quench our collective thirst for the collab.

Like last time the collection includes: character lip glosses and multiple eyeshadow palettes playing off of Friends inside-jokes. However, collaboration 2.0 also includes: a lip scrub and mask, a make-up bag, espresso body butter and even a ‘bath fizzier’ shaped like a lobster.

The Makeup Revolution X Friends 2.0 collection is available exclusively at Ulta and on the brand’s website.


Adam Minto, founder, Revolution Beauty, says, “When developing and creating the first Makeup Revolution x Friends collection, we looked at each character individually – evaluating their style, personalities, makeup influence – to build an authentic collection bringing the characters to life.”

Minto continues, “As the only beauty brand that has been awarded with the honor to adapt the Friends font and logo into our own logo, we cannot be more excited to drop the second part of the Makeup Revolution X Friends collection and reveal additional branded products.”

The first Makeup Revolution X Friends collection consisted of three makeup palettes and lipstick shades dedicated to Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel, plus a limitless palette consisting of all of Friends’ iconic eyeshadow shades.

Photos via Revolution Beauty

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