Nottinghamshire Beauty Salons To Close Due To Covid-19

As Nottinghamshire enters Tier 3 lockdown all beauty salons have been ordered to close starting October 30th.

This extra level of precaution was agreed by local leaders who have included the closure of “personal care settings such as tattoo parlours, tanning and nail salons”, alongside betting shops, car boot sales and auction houses. 

However, hairdressers and barbers are allowed to stay open but can’t carry out any “personal care” work, such as brow treatments. 

The reason for these rules? Healthy Secretary Matt Hancock says its because infection rates are rising rapidly.

“We have seen infection rates rising sharply across Nottinghamshire and in close collaboration with local leaders we have agreed on a package of local measures to stop this virus in its tracks,”

“I understand how difficult life is under these restrictions and the impact they have on families and businesses, but we never take these decisions lightly.”

With the enforcement of stricter lockdown comes more help from the government.

Chris Pincher, local government minister said, “we are very conscious that these new restrictions will have a huge impact on those living and working in the county, but this action is vital and is based on public health advice.

“In order to support local people, businesses and the councils, we worked together to agree an extensive package of support.”

What that extensive package of support is, is yet to be seen.

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