The Future Of Skincare Is Here, L’Oreal Paris Launches Skin Genius

Get a dermatologically approved skincare evaluation from the comfort of your own home with the launch of L’Oreal’s latest development in their virtual tool portfolio, Skin Genius.

87% of British women are confused about which skincare product to use and when. That’s what L’Oreal distinguished when they decided they needed to create a tool that helped women figure out the confusing world of skincare science.

So, they developed a new app that can help you find the perfect products for your skin type using powerful AI technology that is based on 50 years of data development.

For data collection L’Oreal used 10,000 clinical images of women from Skin Atlas which was co-validated with European dermatologists and tested nearly 30,000 times.

This means, L’Oreal’s new app has a high reliability rate and matches dematologist diagnostics by 95%.

How to use the Skin Genius app

Simply upload a photo of yourself, preferably in a well-lit room with natural light and little to no make-up, to the app.

The tool will then be able to give you a expert skin analysis based on five key dimensions: radiance, pore quality, firmness, lines, wrinkles and even tone.

It can then deliver you a tailor-made skincare routine for both evening and night.

Photos via L’Oreal Paris

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