Target Adds Designer Jason Wu To Its Beauty Line Up

Fashion designer, Jason Wu, is launching into 400 Target stores in January 2021. Together with NYX Cosmetics founder Toni Ko, Wu is realising a collection of everyday makeup essentials aptly named Wu Beauty.

Speaking to WWD about the opportunity Ko said, “The market could definitely use a high-end luxury fashion designer to do an amazing, beautiful cosmetics brand to bring that luxury feel to the aisles of your everyday chain stores,” and it seems like Ko found one.

This is the first time Wu has partnered with Target however. In 2011 he created a limited edition fashion collection with the retailer that was said to have sold out in three hours.

Given the success of his last line with them it’s no surprise that Target wants to invest more into Wu as the colour category has been struggling across the board.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of heavy makeup in the last few years as a trend,” Wu said to WWD. “The Jason Wu brand has really embraced the more natural side of beauty—the product looks good on every skin tone and is letting that natural beauty shine through versus covering it up. We really feel like that’s the next big thing, not an overly contoured look.”

Wu’s approach of inclusive, natural, approachable cosmetic essentials is in line with the consumers “new normal” approach to beauty. 

Photos via Jason Wu

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