Can Artificial Nails Be Biodegradable?

The Green Science Alliance seems to think so with the launch of their artificial nails made from a biodegradable resin made from 100% natural biomass.

Currently, artificial nails (made from petroleum-based ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic) are not good for the environment or the nail because they prevent the penetration of oxygen and moisture. 

The Green Science Alliance is a Japanese firm that has been focused on the research and development of sustainable innovations. They have been working with various types of natural biomass-based biodegradable resin with nano cellulose, PLA (polylactic acid), starch, and cellulose as non-edible biomass resources. 

Ryohei Mori, PhD, has developed a resin that can be moulded using existing machinery, while maintaining 100% natural biomass composition. This will make it easy to manufacture.

These innovative materials and technologies are registered as UNIDO and WIPO GREEN (United Nations) and are being sold with the Nano Sakura trademark.

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